Thursday, 13 Jun 2024

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Rickard Nilsson Secures Spot in Para Badminton Semifinals

Rickard Nilsson, a talented badminton player from Sweden, is celebrating after securing his place in the Standing Lower (SL4) men’s singles semifinals at the 4th Fazza Dubai Para Badminton International 2022. Nilsson showed great determination and skill in defeating Thailand’s Siripong Teamarrom with a score of 21-19, 21-19. This victory is particularly satisfying for Nilsson, as he had previously beaten his opponent back in 2019. Speaking about his win, Nilsson expressed his mental strength and confidence, attributing his success to hard work and dedication in his training. The atmosphere in Dubai has undeniably fueled Nilsson’s motivation to perform at his best.

Pramod Bhagat Triumphs in Intense Quarterfinals Match

In the quarterfinals of the SL3 men’s singles, an intense match took place between India’s Nehal Gupta and Pramod Bhagat. Despite losing to Bhagat with a score of 21-18, 15-21, 11-21, Gupta remains positive about his performance. He was thrilled to have the opportunity to face the world’s number one Paralympic gold medalist and even managed to take the opening game. Reflecting on his match with Gupta, Bhagat praised his opponent’s energy and skill, acknowledging that Gupta has a bright future in the sport. Bhagat now advances to the semifinals, joining his teammates Kumar Nitesh and Manoj Sarkar, along with Japan’s Daisuke Fujihara as the fourth contender.

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India Dominates the SL3 Women’s Singles

The SL3 women’s singles at the 4th Fazza Dubai Para Badminton International 2022 showcases India’s exceptional talent. Manasi Girishchandra Joshi, Parul Dalsukhbhai Parmar, and Mandeep Kaur have secured three of the four spots in the semifinals. Their impressive performances have created a formidable Indian presence in the tournament. However, Australia’s Celine Aurelie Vinot is determined to challenge the Indian dominance and make her mark in the competition.

Cheah Liek Hou’s Triumph in SU5 Men’s Singles

In the Standing Upper (SU5) men’s singles, Malaysia’s Cheah Liek Hou delivered an outstanding performance by defeating his compatriot Mohamad Faris Ahmad Azri with a score of 23-21, 21-23, 21-11. Cheah expressed his satisfaction with the match, stating that it provided a welcomed challenge to regain his rhythm. He also shared the difficulties he faced after contracting COVID-19, which affected his training. However, with careful attention to his diet and supplements, Cheah has overcome these obstacles and is now feeling good about his performance. Cheah’s ability to adapt his game plan based on his opponent’s style and match dynamics showcases his experience in the sport.

Notable Results

Ukun Rukaendi faced a tough battle against Daisuke Fujihara in the quarterfinals of the SL3 men’s singles. Despite a valiant effort, Rukaendi was unable to keep up with Fujihara’s remarkable stamina and lost with a score of 7-21, 23-21, 17-21. Rukaendi acknowledged that his opponent’s youth and energy played a significant role in his defeat, emphasizing the importance of age in this match.

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Quotes of the Day

“After Tokyo 2020, I competed as part of the Swiss curling team at the Beijing 2022 Winter Games, but it’s time to focus on badminton again because the aim is to get to Paris 2024. I have a new partner, Ilaria Renggli, who’s a huge talent. And my previous partner, Karin Suter-erath, is our coach. It’s ideal because she has the experience, knows the sport, and understands me.” – Cynthia Mathez

“Lots of new players just means the sport is growing, but I’m not worried about my position. I believe in my abilities to keep playing the best badminton. I plan to get to the World Championships and then Paris 2024.” – Amnouy Wetwithan (Thailand)


  1. When and where does the 4th Fazza Dubai Para Badminton International 2022 take place?
    The 4th Fazza Dubai Para Badminton International 2022 is currently ongoing in Dubai.

  2. How did Rickard Nilsson perform in the SL4 men’s singles?
    Rickard Nilsson emerged victorious in the SL4 men’s singles, securing his place in the semifinals.

  3. Which Indian players advanced to the semifinals in the SL3 men’s singles?
    Pramod Bhagat, Kumar Nitesh, and Manoj Sarkar are the Indian players who successfully advanced to the semifinals in the SL3 men’s singles category.


The 4th Fazza Dubai Para Badminton International 2022 continues to captivate fans with thrilling matches and outstanding performances. Players like Rickard Nilsson, Pramod Bhagat, and Cheah Liek Hou have showcased their skills and determination on the court. India’s dominance in the SL3 women’s singles demonstrates their exceptional talent, while players from other countries aim to challenge their supremacy. With each match, the tournament is becoming more intense and captivating, showcasing the true spirit of para badminton.

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