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BWF News: Introducing the Player Incentive Scheme for MetLife BWF World Superseries

BWF News

The Badminton World Federation (BWF) has exciting news for top-ranked players! In an effort to recognize their contributions to the success of the MetLife BWF World Superseries, the BWF Council has unanimously approved an annual bonus of US$400,000. This bonus will be shared by athletes in the Top 10 of the BWF Destination Dubai Rankings as part of the new Player Incentive Scheme.

Rewarding Excellence on and off the Court

The bonus structure is based on the fulfillment of media and sponsorship commitments throughout the season. Singles players ranked No. 1 can take home up to US$12,000, while players ranked 8 to 10 will receive US$3,000. Doubles pairs ranked No. 1 can split up to US$16,000, and pairs ranked 8 to 10 can expect US$4,000. These payouts are contingent on players actively participating in media and sponsorship obligations such as pre-tournament publicity events, press conferences, interviews, autograph sessions, and BWF special events/awards ceremonies. Additionally, attendance at educational activities scheduled by BWF is mandatory.

BWF Players in Action

Fostering Player Engagement

BWF President Poul-Erik Høyer highlights the importance of players’ engagement with the media, fans, and sponsors in promoting professional sports. Recognizing players as the main attraction in badminton, the BWF aims to reward their efforts not only through their performance on the court but also through active involvement off the court. The bonus scheme is designed to encourage players to contribute to the success of the World Superseries and boost excitement in the rankings.

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Incentives and Protection for Elite Athletes

The Player Incentive Scheme also includes provisions for medical exemptions and protected rankings. In the event of a player’s career being temporarily derailed due to injury or unforeseen circumstances, a protected ranking can be claimed once every two years. This protected ranking allows players exemption from mandatory tournament participation rules, providing them with the opportunity to rest and recover appropriately. However, players with a protected ranking will not be eligible for the annual bonus during that year. This system aims to protect and support players through challenging times.

Enhanced Qualifying System for Thomas & Uber Cup Finals

In response to feedback from Continental Confederations, the BWF has decided to revert to the qualifying system for the Thomas & Uber Cup Finals in 2016. This change is intended to enhance the preparation of players and teams for the Finals by qualifying through continental championships. This decision acknowledges the value of this preparation and aims to further elevate the level of competition in these prestigious tournaments.

Boosting Prize Money for Tournaments

The BWF Council recognizes the importance of prize money to motivate players at all levels. As part of their ongoing commitment to the sport, the BWF has approved incremental increases in prize money for tournaments below Grand Prix Gold level. International Challenge events will see an increase from US$15,000 in 2014 to US$17,500 in 2016 and US$25,000 in 2018. Similarly, prize money for International Series tournaments will increase from US$5,000 in 2014 to US$6,000 in 2016 and US$10,000 in 2018. These enhancements aim to create a more sustainable and rewarding environment for players.

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How will the bonus be distributed among the Top 10 players?

The bonus will be distributed based on players’ rankings at the end of the year. The higher the ranking, the larger the share of the bonus.

How often can players claim a protected ranking?

Players can claim a protected ranking once every two years if their career is briefly derailed due to injury or any unavoidable circumstance.

Will protected ranking players be eligible for the annual bonus?

No, players with a protected ranking will not be eligible for the annual bonus during the year they have claimed the protected ranking.


The BWF’s Player Incentive Scheme marks an important milestone in recognizing and rewarding the contributions of top-ranked players to the success of the MetLife BWF World Superseries. By incentivizing player engagement both on and off the court, the BWF aims to elevate the level of competition and enhance the overall experience for players and fans alike. With the introduction of protected rankings, players have the necessary support to overcome temporary setbacks while taking part in mandatory tournaments. The BWF is committed to continuously improving the sport, and these initiatives demonstrate their dedication to player welfare and the growth of badminton as a global phenomenon.