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China’s hopes in the Thaihot China Open suffered a setback today with the defeat of local players Chen Long and Wang Shixian in the singles category. Despite the disappointment, the tournament witnessed an intense battle between superstar Lin Dan and Denmark’s Jan O Jorgensen. Let’s take a closer look at the highlights of the matches and the remaining players in the competition.

Wang Shixian’s Disappointing Performance

Wang Shixian, who has been in excellent form this year, was unable to replicate her success in the Women’s Singles second round against Japan’s Akane Yamaguchi. From the beginning, Yamaguchi dictated the pace of the match, displaying her superior skills and athleticism. Wang struggled to find her rhythm and failed to overcome Yamaguchi’s relentless play. This defeat marks Wang’s worst performance of the year.

Wang Shixian's Defeat

Chen Long’s Unexpected Loss

In a surprising turn of events, Men’s Singles top seed Chen Long suffered a defeat at the hands of Germany’s Marc Zwiebler. Chen initially seemed to have the match under control, but as Zwiebler closed the gap, the pressure got to Chen, and he was unable to capitalize on his skills. Zwiebler remained composed and ultimately secured victory. Zwiebler attributed his win to Chen’s home pressure and acknowledged the significance of this result for his own career.

Chen Long's Loss

Lin Dan Prevails Against Jan O Jorgensen

Lin Dan, the Olympic champion, faced a tough challenge from Denmark’s Jan O Jorgensen. Jorgensen had previously defeated Lin in their last three encounters and was eager to continue his winning streak. However, Lin displayed his trademark resilience and found a way to outmaneuver his opponent. With a combination of tactical play and well-executed shots, Lin secured victory in a thrilling match.

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Lin Dan's Victory

Remaining Players and Exciting Matches Ahead

While China’s representation in the Men’s Singles quarter-finals now solely rests on Lin Dan, their presence in the Women’s Singles quarter-finals remains strong with Suo Di, Liu Xin, Wang Yihan, and Sun Yu still in the competition. China’s dominance is also evident in the Women’s Doubles category, with three pairs advancing to the quarter-finals.

In the Men’s Doubles category, World champions Ko Sung Hyun and Shin Baek Choel emerged victorious in a closely contested match against Denmark’s Mads Conrad-Petersen and Mads Pieler Kolding. Chinese pairs continue to shine in the Mixed Doubles, with six pairs securing spots in the quarter-finals.


Q: Who are the remaining Chinese players in the tournament?
A: In the Women’s Singles category, Suo Di, Liu Xin, Wang Yihan, and Sun Yu are still competing. Lin Dan is the sole representative in the Men’s Singles quarter-finals. Additionally, three Chinese pairs have advanced to the Women’s Doubles quarter-finals, and six Chinese pairs have secured spots in the Mixed Doubles quarter-finals.

Q: Which players have been the most impressive in the tournament so far?
A: Wang Shixian, despite her recent defeat, has been in exceptional form this year with three World Superseries titles. Lin Dan’s victory against Jan O Jorgensen showcased his remarkable skills and ability to overcome tough opponents. Additionally, Germany’s Marc Zwiebler’s win against Chen Long was a significant achievement for his career.


The Thaihot China Open has seen some intense matches and surprising upsets, demonstrating the fierce competition among badminton’s top players. While China faced setbacks in the singles category, their presence in the remaining events, particularly Women’s Singles and Mixed Doubles, highlights their strength as a badminton powerhouse. As the tournament progresses, spectators can look forward to more exhilarating matches and remarkable performances from the world’s best players.

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