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Sho Sasaki Makes Remarkable Comeback at Asian Badminton Championships

Sho Sasaki, the Japanese left-hander, has made an impressive return to the badminton scene by reaching the final of the Asian Badminton Championships 2014. This marks his first final appearance in over two years. Sasaki, once ranked sixth in the world, will face the two-time champion, Lin Dan, in what is expected to be a thrilling showdown.

Sasaki’s journey to the final has not been easy. In the semi-finals, he defeated Korea’s Hwang Jong Soo in straight games, showcasing his exceptional skill and determination. However, the real test awaits him against Lin Dan, the world and Olympic champion from China. Sasaki has won only one of their ten previous matches, which took place at the Indonesia Open in 2011. Lin Dan’s semi-final victory extends his winning streak to nine consecutive games.

In the Women’s Singles category, Wang Shixian from China is on the brink of securing her first Asian Championships title. The All England champion faced a tough challenge from India’s PV Sindhu but managed to prevail after a grueling three-game battle. Wang’s previous encounters with Korea’s Sung Ji Hyun have been evenly matched, with Wang winning their last two meetings.

The Men’s Doubles category features Korea’s Shin Baek Choel, who is vying for two titles. Alongside Jang Ye Na, they emerged victorious in the Mixed Doubles semi-finals against former champions Sudket Prapakamol and Saralee Thoungthonkam of Thailand. In the Men’s Doubles, Shin and Yoo Yeon Seong overcame a tough battle against Thailand’s Maneepong Jongjit and Nipitphon Puangpuapech to secure their spot in the final.

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Other notable highlights from the tournament include Korea’s representation in four events in the finals. Kim Ha Na and Jung Kyung Eun, the Women’s Doubles second seeds, engaged in an intense 83-minute match against China’s Zhong Qianxin and Huan Xia, ultimately emerging victorious. In the Mixed Doubles, third seeds Lee Chun Hei and Chau Hoi Wah will challenge Shin and Jang in the final.

With the Asian Badminton Championships nearing its conclusion, badminton enthusiasts around the world eagerly anticipate the thrilling finals and the crowning of the champions. Stay tuned for the epic showdowns and witness the brilliance of these talented athletes.


Q: Who is Sho Sasaki and what makes his journey to the final remarkable?

A: Sho Sasaki is a Japanese badminton player who has reached the final of the Asian Badminton Championships after a hiatus of over two years. This achievement is significant considering his previous ranking of sixth in the world and the challenges he has faced in recent years.

Q: Who will Sho Sasaki face in the final?

A: Sho Sasaki will face Lin Dan, a two-time champion and the world and Olympic champion from China, in the final of the Asian Badminton Championships.

Q: How has Lin Dan performed in the tournament so far?

A: Lin Dan has been in exceptional form since his return from a self-imposed break. He has won all his matches leading up to the final, including a convincing semi-final victory over his compatriot Liu Kai.


Sho Sasaki is making a remarkable comeback at the Asian Badminton Championships 2014, reaching the final after a long absence. His journey to the final has been challenging, with impressive victories along the way. In the Women’s Singles category, Wang Shixian is on the verge of her first Asian Championships title. Korea’s Shin Baek Choel is also aiming for two titles in the Men’s Doubles and Mixed Doubles categories. Stay tuned for the thrilling finals and witness the brilliance of these phenomenal badminton players.

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