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Mixed Doubles Second Seeds Show Resilience in Maybank Malaysia Open Quarter-finals

Maybank Malaysia Open

In a thrilling match at the Maybank Malaysia Open, second seeds Joachim Fischer Nielsen and Christinna Pedersen demonstrated their determination by coming from behind to secure a spot in the quarter-finals. The Danish pair, who have had difficulties facing China’s young pairs in recent times, found themselves trailing 8-14 in the deciding game against Lu Kai/Huang Yaqiong. However, they quickly adjusted their strategy and managed to turn the game around, winning 21-15 15-21 21-19 in 72 minutes.

The Danes credited the support of the crowd for their victory, highlighting the positive memories they have from the stadium and the warm reception they always receive in Malaysia. Nielsen expressed their gratitude, saying, “We were struggling in the first set. We have some happy memories from this stadium, and once again Malaysia was with us. We’re very happy for that.” Pedersen added, “We love to be here. The fans support us. We like to be in this city. It’s warm, it’s nice for us. It’s easy to feel good on court. That’s the reason we have so many good memories in Malaysia.”

Reflecting on their tough opponents in the quarter-finals, Liu Cheng/Bao Yixin, who defeated them in the India Open, the Danish pair acknowledged the strength of China’s badminton team and the talented young players emerging from the country. Pedersen admitted, “We know China is a strong badminton team and we know they have some strong youngsters coming up. It is hard for us to keep them behind us, but we’re trying our best and today we succeeded. They have Zhang Nan/Zhao Yunlei and Xu Chen/Ma Jin, and all the youngsters. Every time we play the Chinese we know we need to be 100 percent.”

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The Danes emphasized the importance of speed and agility in facing the Chinese players, recognizing their versatility and skill in Mixed Doubles. Pedersen explained, “They’re not all the same style, but they know how to play Mixed Doubles, I can tell you that. They have a good girl at the net and a strong guy at the back, and he’s really moving well. No matter who you’re playing from China, if you don’t have speed in your legs you can’t beat them.”

In addition to Nielsen and Pedersen, several other seeded pairs advanced to the quarter-finals, including China’s Zhang Nan/Zhao Yunlei (1), Xu Chen/Ma Jin (3), Indonesia’s Tontowi Ahmad/Liliyana Natsir (4), and Korea’s Ko Sung Hyun/Kim Ha Na (6).

Exciting Matches and Surprising Upsets in Women’s Singles and Men’s Singles

In Women’s Singles, top seed Li Xuerui faced a tough challenge from Akane Yamaguchi. The young Japanese player put up a strong defense, but a few errors in the final stretch cost her the match, with Li winning 21-16 10-21 21-17. Li will next compete against compatriot Wang Yihan in the quarter-finals. Other Chinese players who secured spots in the last-eight include Sun Yu and Wang Shixian.

The biggest upset of the day came in the form of Hong Kong qualifier Cheung Ngan Yi’s victory over No.4 seed Sung Ji Hyun from Korea. Cheung triumphed with a score of 21-18 12-21 21-12. She will now face Spaniard Carolina Marin in the next round.

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China also had a successful day in Men’s Singles, with top seed Chen Long overpowering India’s Kashyap Parupalli and No.5 seed Lin Dan facing a tough challenge from HS Prannoy. Wang Zhengming and Xue Song also advanced to the quarter-finals.

Exciting Three-game Encounter in Men’s Doubles

One of the most entertaining matches of the day was between Lee Sheng Mu/Tsai Chia Hsin from Chinese Taipei and Denmark’s Kim Astrup/Anders Skaarup Rasmussen. In a thrilling battle that lasted just over an hour, the third seeds from Chinese Taipei emerged victorious with a final score of 19-21 21-16 21-18.

For the complete list of results from the day, visit the official Carnegiecentre website here.


Q: How did Joachim Fischer Nielsen and Christinna Pedersen perform in the Maybank Malaysia Open?
A: Joachim Fischer Nielsen and Christinna Pedersen showed great resilience and determination in the Maybank Malaysia Open, securing a spot in the quarter-finals after a thrilling match.

Q: Who will Joachim Fischer Nielsen and Christinna Pedersen face in the quarter-finals?
A: Joachim Fischer Nielsen and Christinna Pedersen will face Liu Cheng/Bao Yixin in the quarter-finals, the same pair who defeated them in the India Open.

Q: What challenges do the Danish pair expect from China’s young talent?
A: The Danish pair acknowledges the strength of China’s young badminton players and recognizes the need to be at their best when playing against them.

Q: What was the biggest upset of the day in Women’s Singles?
A: The biggest upset of the day in Women’s Singles was Hong Kong qualifier Cheung Ngan Yi’s victory over No.4 seed Sung Ji Hyun from Korea.

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Q: Who will Li Xuerui face in the quarter-finals?
A: Li Xuerui will face Wang Yihan in the quarter-finals of the Maybank Malaysia Open.


The Maybank Malaysia Open has witnessed thrilling matches and surprising upsets, showcasing the talent and determination of the players. Joachim Fischer Nielsen and Christinna Pedersen demonstrated their resilience, securing a spot in the quarter-finals after a challenging match. As the tournament progresses, the competition intensifies, promising more exciting badminton action in the coming rounds. Stay tuned for more updates on the Carnegiecentre website!