Tuesday, 16 Jul 2024

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Kim Ki Jung and Kim Sa Rang Achieve Breakthrough Victory in BWF World Superseries Finals

Kim Ki Jung and Kim Sa Rang, two rising stars in Korean badminton, made history today by defeating their senior compatriots, Lee Yong Dae and Ko Sung Hyun, to secure a spot in the finals of the BWF World Superseries Finals. This victory marks their first win against Lee and Ko, who had previously dominated in their five previous encounters, including losses at the Badminton Asia Championships and India Open Superseries earlier this year.

The duo displayed an outstanding performance, exhibiting good form and taking advantage of the partnership break between Lee and Ko. They emerged triumphant with a 21-14 19-21 21-16 victory in the Men’s Doubles semi-finals, securing their chance to compete for their first Superseries Finals title. Remarkably, this will be their fifth final appearance this year.

According to Kim Sa Rang, the intense rivalry among Korean pairs has played a pivotal role in their success. He stated, “Having three good pairs in Korea is beneficial because of the healthy competition within the team. Our momentum is high, and we are determined to carry this energy into the upcoming season.”

Regarding their victory over Ko and Lee, Kim Sa Rang mentioned, “They no longer play together and have not practiced as a team, so their combination is not as strong as before.”

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The Kims have expressed their preference to face Indonesians Mohammad Ahsan and Hendra Setiawan in the finals. Having been defeated by the World champions and top seeds during the group stage, they see this as an opportunity for revenge.

Unfortunately, their Women’s Doubles teammates, Jang Ye Na and Kim So Young, faced defeat in their semi-final against Christinna Pedersen and Kamilla Rytter Juhl. The Danish pair displayed exceptional form, overturning a deficit of 3-12 in the second game to win with a score of 21-12 21-18. They will now face Ma Jin and Tang Jinhua from China in the title match, where new champions will be crowned. It is worth noting that three-time winners Yu Yang and Wang Xiaoli withdrew from their semi-final against their compatriots due to Yu Yang’s hip injury.


  • Bae Yeon Ju from Korea faced disappointment in her Women’s Singles semi-final against defending champion Li Xuerui. The match ended with a score of 21-15 21-9 in favor of Li Xuerui. Despite Bae’s efforts to force long rallies, Li’s attacking prowess and stroke-making ability proved to be superior. However, Li acknowledged Bae’s resilience and credited her for her strong performance.

    Li Xuerui mentioned, “Although the points appeared easy, it was quite challenging. Bae was probably better prepared today as we had played in the group stage. My form is not yet at its peak due to an allergy I experienced in the second half of the year, which affected my training. The schedule has been hectic because of the China league, and I need time to recover.”

  • The highly anticipated match between Lee Chong Wei and Denmark’s Jan O Jorgensen ended as expected, with Lee Chong Wei, the three-time champion, securing a straight-games victory of 21-14 21-16. While Jorgensen had previously posed a challenge to Lee, narrowly losing at 23-21 24-22, this time Lee took an early lead and left Jorgensen with limited opportunities to turn the match around. Jorgensen showcased moments of brilliance, but Lee’s agility, powerful smashes, and dominance at the net proved to be too much for his opponent. Jorgensen commended Lee’s tactical superiority as the key difference between them.

    Jorgensen stated, “He took a lead in both games, and I found myself fighting from behind. I don’t believe I played poorly. There was a bit more drift in the hall today, and he controlled the shuttle better. The main difference between us today was his superior tactics.”

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For a complete list of the day’s results, please visit the Carnegiecentre website.