Saturday, 20 Jul 2024

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World champion Chen Long ends the year on a high note by winning the BWF Destination Dubai World Superseries Finals title with relative ease. In this thrilling match, Chen Long faced a tough challenge from Hans-Kristian Vittinghus, who pushed him to his limits. However, Vittinghus couldn’t sustain his momentum throughout the match, ultimately losing to Chen Long 21-16 21-10 in 47 minutes.

A Fierce Competition

Chen Long started strong, unleashing powerful smashes that found their mark. But Vittinghus fought back bravely in the second game. He displayed tenacity, throwing himself around the court and patiently searching for openings. At 10-all, it seemed like a close contest, but the dynamics shifted after the mid-game interval. Vittinghus made a few crucial errors that derailed his chances, and from that point on, Chen Long didn’t drop a single point.

Reflecting on the Match

Vittinghus acknowledged his mistakes in the second game, which ultimately cost him the title. He admitted, “I made too many mistakes, and the pressure from Chen Long was relentless. I should’ve remained calmer. Nevertheless, reaching the final is an amazing achievement for me. I’m disappointed right now, but it will pass in a couple of hours.”

Chen Long’s Delight

Chen Long, on the other hand, was elated after clinching his fourth major title of the season. He expressed his satisfaction with his performance and mentioned, “Today, the China team lost the first two finals, and I was unhappy. But as a professional, I had to shake it off. I’m thrilled with my game. Dubai hosting such a prestigious event for the first time was fantastic, and I appreciate the exceptional organization. I believe that badminton has a bright future here, especially with the large Chinese and Indian communities. I look forward to coming back and promoting the sport where it’s not yet popular, so more people can be attracted to badminton. This event was exceptionally planned, and I had a wonderful experience when I was hosted in Dubai a few months ago.”

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1. Who won the BWF Destination Dubai World Superseries Finals title?
Chen Long, the world champion from China, emerged as the winner.

2. How long did the match last?
The match lasted for 47 minutes.

3. What were Vittinghus’s thoughts on the match?
Vittinghus acknowledged his mistakes in the second game and expressed disappointment. However, he also recognized his achievement in reaching the final.


Chen Long’s victory in the BWF Destination Dubai World Superseries Finals was an impressive display of skill and determination. Despite a tough challenge from Vittinghus, he maintained his composure and emerged as the deserving champion. We can expect great things from both players in the future as they continue to elevate the sport of badminton to new heights.

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