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Xiamen Airlines Partners with BWF World Championships in Jakarta

Xiamen Airlines

Xiamen Airlines has recently announced its official partnership with the TOTAL BWF World Championships in Jakarta. This exciting collaboration aims to encourage more badminton fans to attend the prestigious event in August. As part of the partnership, Xiamen Airlines will be offering special travel packages tailored for badminton enthusiasts, such as the “Parent and Child Badminton Tour Package” and the “Catch the Badminton Star in Jakarta BWF World Championships Tour Package.” Moreover, they will be creating exclusive badminton souvenirs for attendees.

Xiamen Airlines, serving as the official airline partner for the TOTAL BWF World Championship 2015, is entering into its first-ever partnership with an airline. This significant collaboration will pave the way for a “Fly with Passion” journey, focused on achieving mutually beneficial growth and positive developments for both Xiamen Airlines and the Badminton World Federation (BWF).

Zhao Dong, Deputy General Manager of Xiamen Airlines, expressed his excitement about this strategic partnership. He believes that by joining forces with BWF, they can create a remarkable impact on both the popularity of badminton and the number of passengers choosing Xiamen Airlines for their travels. This collaboration also presents an excellent opportunity for Xiamen Airlines to gain extensive brand exposure through the television coverage of the championships, reaching over one billion viewers in more than 30 countries.

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Thomas Lund, the Secretary General of BWF, commended Xiamen Airlines for its remarkable achievements over its 30-year history, making it a prominent player in the airline industry. He expressed his enthusiasm for this new partnership and looks forward to a fruitful relationship between the two organizations. During the partnership ceremony, Xiamen Airlines and BWF exchanged corporate gifts, further solidifying their commitment to the collaboration.

Badminton holds a significant place in the hearts of Asian sports enthusiasts, particularly in Southeast Asia. Given that 17 out of 27 editions of the BWF World Championships, BWF Thomas & Uber Cup Finals, and BWF Sudirman Cup have been held in Asia since 2000, this collaboration aligns perfectly with Xiamen Airlines’ key markets.

As a member of the Sky Team Airline Alliances, Xiamen Airlines has continuously pursued modernization, corporatization, and internationalization as its primary business strategy. With a fleet of 127 Boeing planes and an annual passenger turnover of over 20 million, Xiamen Airlines has firmly established itself as a leading international airline. Additionally, their recent purchase of six Boeing Dreamliner planes allows them to expand their international routes to Europe, the Americas, and Australia.


1. How can I book the special travel packages offered by Xiamen Airlines for the BWF World Championships?

Visit the official Carnegiecentre website for more information on the available travel packages and booking details.

2. Will there be any exclusive souvenirs available at the BWF World Championships?

Yes, Xiamen Airlines will be creating special badminton souvenirs for attendees of the BWF World Championships in Jakarta.

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3. How can I learn more about the Badminton World Federation (BWF)?

To learn more about BWF and their efforts to promote and popularize the sport of badminton worldwide, visit their official website: BWF.


The partnership between Xiamen Airlines and the BWF World Championships marks an exciting milestone for both parties. By combining their resources, they aim to bring the world of badminton closer to fans and travelers alike. Xiamen Airlines’ commitment to top-notch service and their dedication to supporting major sporting events make them an ideal airline partner for this prestigious tournament. Don’t miss the opportunity to witness the thrilling matches and immerse yourself in the world of badminton at the BWF World Championships with Xiamen Airlines.