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Badminton to Become a Compulsory Sport in the Summer Universiade from 2021

Badminton has achieved a significant milestone as it will now be a compulsory sport in the Summer Universiade starting from 2021. The International University Sports Federation (FISU) Executive Committee unanimously accepted the Badminton World Federation’s (BWF) application, recognizing the benefits of including badminton in the Universiade sports program. This decision comes after a detailed presentation by a delegation led by BWF President Poul-Erik Høyer, David Cabello (BWF Development Chair and FISU Executive Committee member), and Stuart Borrie (BWF Director of Operations).

Badminton’s Inclusion in the Universiade

During the FISU Executive Committee meeting in Gwangju, Korea, Høyer highlighted the advantages of having badminton as a compulsory sport in the Universiade. The Executive Committee determined that BWF had met all the requirements for admission. Høyer expressed his pleasure at the successful application, emphasizing that this achievement is a significant step for badminton on the global stage and aligns with the BWF’s development plans.

Encouraging Development in Universities

The BWF recognizes the enormous potential for badminton’s growth among universities and tertiary-level institutions. They have been actively working towards this goal by introducing a university version of their grassroots development program called Shuttle Time. This program is designed for trainee teachers and sports students who aspire to become physical education or class teachers. By providing these teachers with a fun and safe way to introduce badminton to children, the BWF is not only creating a new base of tutors but also increasing the sport’s sustainability in non-traditional badminton countries.

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Badminton and the University Environment

FISU acknowledges badminton as an ideal sport for the university environment. The sport ranked sixth in popularity among individual sports in the World University Championships structure and fourth among the choices for the Summer Universiade. Badminton’s low infrastructure impact for competition and training venues makes it an exciting addition to FISU’s values and relationships. With its status as a core Olympic sport, global presence, equal gender representation, as well as educational programs that align with FISU’s aspirations, badminton offers a mutually attractive market potential and opportunities for player development, research, and technical innovation.

The Summer Universiade and Badminton

The Summer Universiade previously had 11 compulsory sports, with the option to add three additional sports. Badminton has been hosted as an optional sport in several recent editions of the Universiade. Starting in 2021, it will become a compulsory sport. The badminton tournament at this year’s Universiade in Gwangju will feature a team competition followed by an individual battle in the five traditional categories. Over 260 players from 38 countries across all five continental confederations will compete, including top international players such as Lee Yong Dae, Ko Sung Hyun, Son Wan Ho, and Sung Ji Hyun.


What is the Universiade?

The Universiade is an international sporting event organized by FISU (International University Sports Federation). It is the largest sporting event after the Olympics and brings together university students from around the world to promote education, culture, friendship, and sportsmanship. The event is divided into the Summer Universiade and the Winter Universiade, held in different cities. Participants must be undergraduate or graduate students between the ages of 17 and 28.

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The inclusion of badminton as a compulsory sport in the Summer Universiade is a significant achievement for the sport and the BWF. This decision aligns with the BWF’s efforts to promote badminton among universities and tertiary-level institutions worldwide. By becoming a part of the Universiade, badminton will gain even more exposure and provide valuable opportunities for player development, research, and innovation. The BWF looks forward to the debut of badminton as a compulsory sport in 2021 and the continued growth of the sport in the global university landscape.

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