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Carolina Marin Clinches Second World Superseries Premier Title of the Year

Carolina Marin showcased her dominance once again in the badminton arena by securing her second World Superseries Premier title at the Maybank Malaysia Open final. The Spanish champion replicated her impressive performance from the BWF World Championships, defeating Li Xuerui in a thrilling match.

Marin’s victory meant that China had to settle for three titles in the tournament. The pair of Luo Ying and Luo Yu claimed victory in the Women’s Doubles, while Zhang Nan and Zhao Yunlei triumphed in the Mixed Doubles. Chen Long emerged victorious in the Men’s Singles category.

The intense Men’s Doubles final between Mohammad Ahsan/Hendra Setiawan and Lee Yong Dae/Yoo Yeon Seong enthralled the audience. Ultimately, the Indonesian duo showcased their nerve and emerged victorious.

Marin’s match against Li mirrored the intense battle they had at the BWF World Championships final. Despite trailing 9-14 in the third game, Marin mounted an impressive comeback by winning eight points in a row. The Spaniard displayed exceptional composure and aggressiveness, ultimately overpowering Li with a final score of 19-21 21-19 21-17.

Marin expressed her gratitude to the crowd for their support: “I was nervous in the beginning. The crowd today was amazing. I saw some Spanish flags in the audience. When the crowd supports you, it just gives you more power.”

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Li’s narrow win over India’s Saina Nehwal in the semi-finals and eventual loss to Marin in the final highlighted the competitive nature of the top-ranked players. Marin, however, emphasized that her focus is on her own performance rather than securing the No.1 ranking.

“My goal this year was to win the All England and to play well at every tournament. If I play well, a high ranking will follow. Ranking is secondary. I just take it match by match,” Marin stated.

The Men’s Singles final between Chen Long and Lin Dan didn’t live up to expectations, despite Lin’s impressive performance in the semi-finals. Both players displayed caution, opting for strategic maneuvers rather than all-out attacks. Chen justified his win by highlighting his ability to perform well in critical moments.

“It was a difficult match. There was a drift on and off, which is understandable because Malaysia is a hot country. Whatever the match situation, Lin is very calm on court and never succumbs to pressure. That’s why he is such a difficult opponent,” Chen remarked.

The Men’s Doubles final witnessed an exhilarating exchange of fortunes. Ahsan and Setiawan had four match points, but Lee and Yoo made a stunning comeback, saving five match points and establishing a match point of their own. Despite the pressure, Setiawan displayed his expertise and sealed the victory.

In the Women’s Doubles final, Chinese twins Luo Ying and Luo Yu achieved a remarkable breakthrough by defeating Korea’s Jung Kyung Eun and Chang Ye Na. While the Korean pair put up a good fight, the Luos’ exceptional skills and perseverance secured them the victory.

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“It’s an emotional victory because it’s the first World Superseries title win for us. It means a lot. It’s a breakthrough at the World Superseries level, but we still have a lot to learn from our seniors,” Luo Ying said.

The Mixed Doubles final demonstrated Zhang Nan and Zhao Yunlei’s supremacy over their compatriots Xu Chen and Ma Jin. Zhao’s exceptional control over the net and powerful smashes proved decisive in securing their victory.

“China has many strong women’s doubles players, but Zhao is outstanding,” Zhang Nan acknowledged.

The dominant record of 19-2 that Zhang and Zhao hold over Xu/Ma was something they hadn’t even noticed. “We never thought about this record. We didn’t notice that we have won so many times. It’s a bit awkward when you play your own teammates in the final. Our performance has been good over the last few months, and we hope to keep going,” Zhang Nan added.

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Q: Who won the Women’s Singles title at the Maybank Malaysia Open?

A: Carolina Marin emerged as the champion in the Women’s Singles category at the Maybank Malaysia Open.

Q: How did Carolina Marin perform in the final match?

A: Carolina Marin showcased an extraordinary comeback in the final match, staging an escape act from being 9-14 down in the third game. She won eight consecutive points, displaying great nerve and aggressive play to secure the victory.

Q: What was Chen Long’s strategy in the Men’s Singles final?

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A: Chen Long focused on maintaining control and outmaneuvering his opponent rather than going for quick kills. He played with a soft touch and took advantage of his opponent’s limited openings.


In the Maybank Malaysia Open, Carolina Marin once again displayed her exceptional skills and emerged as the champion in the Women’s Singles category. Marin’s impressive victory over Li Xuerui showcased her ability to perform under pressure and stage comebacks when trailing. Chen Long claimed the Men’s Singles title with his strategic maneuvers and controlled play. The Men’s Doubles final witnessed a nerve-wracking battle, resulting in victory for Mohammad Ahsan and Hendra Setiawan. Chinese twins Luo Ying and Luo Yu celebrated their breakthrough win in the Women’s Doubles, while Zhang Nan and Zhao Yunlei dominated the Mixed Doubles category. These results highlight the incredible talent and competitiveness in the world of badminton.

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