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Germany’s Sensational Triumph Over France in Suhandinata Cup 2015

Germany’s junior badminton team achieved a stunning victory over their “friendly rivals” France, in a match that will go down in history. After almost five years of defeat, Germany clawed their way back from the brink of loss to emerge triumphant in the Suhandinata Cup 2015.

A Thrilling Turnaround

At the beginning of the match, it seemed like France would continue their dominance over their European neighbors. Thom Gicquel and Delphine Delrue gave France an early lead in the Mixed Doubles, and Toma Junior Popov extended their advantage in the Men’s Singles, putting them ahead 2-0. Victory seemed inevitable for France, as they only needed to win one more match out of the remaining three.

However, the uncertainty inherent in sports came to the forefront, and Germany refused to be defeated. With both teams familiar with each other’s playing styles, having faced off in warm-up matches prior to the tournament, the competition became even more intense. Momentum swung back and forth, and the pressure mounted on the athletes.

A Stunning Comeback

Yvonne Li spearheaded Germany’s remarkable comeback by winning the Women’s Singles against Yaelle Hoyaux. Her compatriots, Bjarne Geiss and Jan Colin Völker, delivered an inspired performance in the Men’s Doubles, defeating Thomas Baures and Thom Gicquel. This leveled the tie at 2-2, setting the stage for a thrilling conclusion.

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The next match was the Women’s Doubles, with Li partnering Judith Petrikowski from Germany, and Hoyaux teaming up with Delphine Delrue from France. The first game was neck and neck until the French pulled away to claim victory. However, the Germans fought back in the second game, forcing a decisive third game. Despite an early lead for France, Germany rallied and played consistent, safe shots, eventually prevailing with a score of 17-21 21-17 21-17. The entire arena was captivated by the intensity of the match.

Joy and Camaraderie

The triumph was especially significant for Germany, as it was their first victory over their French rivals since the European Junior Championships in 2011. The sheer joy and relief were evident on the faces of the German players. What was even more remarkable was the camaraderie shared between the two teams. After the epic battle that lasted over four hours, they celebrated together, high-fiving and shaking hands, acknowledging the quality of the match and the growth it brought.

Looking Ahead

Reflecting on the intense match, German coach Matthias Huetten expressed pride and nervousness. He acknowledged the difficulty of the challenge but recognized the team’s determination to give their all. Looking ahead to their upcoming match against Hong Kong, Huetten emphasized the importance of this victory as a morale boost.

France’s team manager, Christophe Jeanjean, graciously accepted defeat, praising his players for their exceptional effort and attitude. He recognized the value of such high-quality matches in the World Juniors, as they provide valuable learning experiences for the players.

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Q: When was Germany’s last victory over France in badminton?
A: Germany’s previous victory over France in badminton was in the European Junior Championships in 2011.

Q: How long did the match between Germany and France last?
A: The match between Germany and France lasted for over four hours.


Germany’s triumph over France in the Suhandinata Cup 2015 was a testament to their resilience and determination. It marked a significant milestone for Germany’s junior badminton team, as they ended a five-year streak of defeat against their French rivals. The match showcased the intense competition and camaraderie that makes badminton such a thrilling sport. Congratulations to Germany on their outstanding performance!

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