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Lee Yong Dae Returns in Triumph at Yonex Open Japan 2014

Lee Yong Dae, the talented badminton player from Korea, made a stunning comeback to the MetLife BWF World Superseries circuit by clinching the Men’s Doubles title at the Yonex Open Japan 2014. This victory marks his fourth World Superseries title alongside his partner Yoo Yeon Seong. They outplayed the World champions Mohammad Ahsan and Hendra Setiawan with a score of 21-12 26-24. This achievement is even more remarkable considering Lee Yong Dae’s one-year sanction imposed earlier this year, which was later revoked by BWF in April.

Lee Yong Dae

Other notable winners on the same day include the legendary Lee Chong Wei from Malaysia, who added his 38th World Superseries title to his collection. Also emerging victorious were Japan’s Misaki Matsutomo and Ayaka Takahashi in Women’s Doubles, China’s Li Xuerui in Women’s Singles, and Zhang Nan and Zhao Yunlei in Mixed Doubles.

Lee Chong Wei

Lee Yong Dae’s triumph was particularly emotional as the Koreans faced a tough challenge from Ahsan and Setiawan. Although Lee and Yoo dominated the first game, their opponents fought back using a different strategy in the second game. Ahsan and Setiawan opted for a more parallel approach, with Setiawan’s exceptional net play causing difficulties for Lee and Yoo. Despite this, the Koreans showed incredible resilience and saved two game points to level the score at 20-all. In a thrilling finale, Lee and Yoo played flawlessly under pressure, securing the title on their second match point.

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In another thrilling match, World No.1 Lee Chong Wei continued his winning streak at the Yonex Open Japan. He defeated Hu Yun of Hong Kong with a comprehensive score of 21-14 21-12. Hu, who had previously beaten top players like Chen Long and Jan O Jorgensen, was no match for Lee’s exceptional skills and intensity.

Throughout the match, Lee set a high tempo and showcased his aggressive attacking game. Hu attempted to counter Lee’s attacking style by targeting his backhand corner, but Lee’s powerful down-the-line smashes proved to be unstoppable. Lee’s diving retrieves and excellent court coverage left Hu grasping for answers. Despite a brief resurgence from Hu in the second game, Lee quickly regained control and sealed his victory with a final crosscourt smash.

In the Women’s Singles final, Chinese Taipei’s Tai Tzu Ying displayed her exceptional skills but fell short against the formidable Li Xuerui of China. Li, the top seed, triumphed with a score of 21-16 21-6.

Tai’s deceptive strokes initially unsettled Li, but Li quickly adapted and took the first game. In the second game, Li dominated the match with her brilliant defense and precise attacking shots. This victory marks Li’s 10th World Superseries title out of 17 finals and propels her to the top of the BWF Destination Dubai Rankings. Tai’s impressive performance will also see her rise to sixth place from her previous ninth spot.


Q: Who were the winners of the Yonex Open Japan 2014 in badminton?
A: The winners in different categories were:

  • Men’s Doubles: Lee Yong Dae and Yoo Yeon Seong
  • Men’s Singles: Lee Chong Wei
  • Women’s Doubles: Misaki Matsutomo and Ayaka Takahashi
  • Women’s Singles: Li Xuerui
  • Mixed Doubles: Zhang Nan and Zhao Yunlei
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Q: How many World Superseries titles has Lee Chong Wei won?
A: Lee Chong Wei has won an impressive 38 World Superseries titles in his career.

Q: What was the score of the Men’s Doubles final at the Yonex Open Japan 2014?
A: Lee Yong Dae and Yoo Yeon Seong defeated Mohammad Ahsan and Hendra Setiawan with a score of 21-12 26-24.


The Yonex Open Japan 2014 witnessed some incredible badminton action, with Lee Yong Dae making a memorable comeback and claiming the Men’s Doubles title alongside Yoo Yeon Seong. Lee Chong Wei also showcased his dominance by securing his 38th World Superseries title. Li Xuerui, Zhang Nan, and Zhao Yunlei proved their skills and emerged victorious in their respective categories.

Badminton fans were treated to intense matches filled with skill, strategy, and passion. These outstanding performances by the athletes serve as a reminder of the incredible talent and dedication within the world of badminton.

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