Wednesday, 22 May 2024

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The Badminton World Federation (BWF) and HSBC have come together to introduce a revolutionary outdoor game called AirBadminton, along with a new outdoor shuttlecock called the AirShuttle. This exciting development was launched at a global ceremony held outside the Tianhe Gymnasium in Guangzhou, China.

A Game for Everyone

AirBadminton is a groundbreaking project in collaboration with HSBC, BWF’s Global Development Partner. This initiative aims to create opportunities for people of all ages and skill levels to enjoy the sport of badminton outdoors. With AirBadminton, individuals can now play the game on various surfaces such as hard grounds, grass, and even sandy beaches in parks, gardens, streets, and playgrounds worldwide.

A Vision in the Making

The creation of AirBadminton has been a five-year endeavor, starting with the vision to develop a new outdoor shuttlecock that offers enhanced durability, stability, and wind resistance. This innovation ensures a more enjoyable badminton experience in outdoor settings. BWF President and former Olympic gold medallist, Poul-Erik Høyer, officiated the launch and expressed his excitement about the sport’s increased accessibility.

Opening Doors for Global Participation

Høyer sees AirBadminton as a way to encourage greater participation in badminton worldwide and introduce a highly appealing form of competitive play. He believes that by embracing AirBadminton, the BWF can fulfill its objective of making badminton accessible to as many people as possible. Since many individuals have their first encounter with badminton in an outdoor setting, this new game, accompanied by the innovative AirShuttle, simplifies access to the sport. AirBadminton paves the way for an exciting and energetic version of badminton, inspiring more individuals to play the sport in diverse locations.

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Celebrating a Milestone

The launch ceremony was graced by several notable figures, including Jonathan Castleman, Global Head of Brand Partnerships at HSBC, Dong Jiong, Atlanta 1996 Olympic silver medallist and current Chinese national Para badminton head coach, Yang Wei, Athens 2004 Olympic gold medallist, Lu Lan, 2009 women’s singles world champion, and Chen Jin, 2010 men’s singles world champion. Castleman expressed HSBC’s delight in partnering with the BWF, acknowledging the positive impact AirBadminton will have on communities’ health, well-being, inclusivity, and accessibility.

A Game for All Abilities

Dong Jiong, who joined Høyer in unveiling the AirShuttle, emphasized the potential of AirBadminton in China and around the world. He emphasized that this inclusive game can be enjoyed by people of all abilities, including those with disabilities. The partnership for the launch involved the Chinese Badminton Association (CBA) and the Guangzhou Sports Bureau (GSB), further solidifying the importance and reach of this initiative.

Promoting Health and Social Benefits

Badminton is a popular and inclusive sport, captivating over 300 million active players worldwide. Interestingly, just an hour of badminton can burn more than 450 calories [link]. Additionally, recent research suggests that racket sports with strong social connections, such as badminton, can extend a person’s lifespan by up to nine years. With AirBadminton, the BWF aims to highlight these health and social benefits and provide more positive badminton experiences to a wider audience in various locations.

The Future of AirBadminton

To ensure the seamless availability of AirShuttles, the BWF is collaborating with leading sports manufacturers for mass production and distribution. The goal is for these shuttlecocks to withstand winds of up to 12km per hour. Furthermore, AirBadminton introduces new court dimensions that make it perfect for playing in outdoor environments on hard, grass, and sand surfaces worldwide.

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For more information about AirBadminton and to join the movement, visit the Carnegiecentre website.


  • Q: What is AirBadminton?
    A: AirBadminton is an outdoor game that allows people to play badminton on various surfaces such as hard grounds, grass, and sand.

  • Q: How long has the development of AirBadminton been in progress?
    A: The project to create AirBadminton has taken five years to complete.

  • Q: What are the benefits of playing badminton?
    A: Badminton offers various benefits, such as burning calories and contributing to longevity, especially when played with strong social connections.


AirBadminton represents a significant milestone in badminton’s evolution, breaking barriers and bringing the sport to new horizons. With the support of HSBC, the BWF is paving the way for increased global participation and making badminton more accessible to all. This exciting development inspires us to play more badminton in more places and reinforces the lifelong health and social benefits that the sport offers. Join the AirBadminton movement and experience the thrill of playing badminton in the great outdoors.