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During the COVID-19 pandemic, coaches have faced challenges in keeping their athletes motivated. However, Pullela Gopichand, coach to renowned badminton players like Pusarla V. Sindhu, found a solution that worked for him. He took his coaching sessions online, adapting to the new circumstances and ensuring his players maintained discipline.

Online Training Sessions

Gopichand recognized the impact of the pandemic on athletes and their busy schedules, especially in an Olympic year. To overcome this hurdle, he began conducting online training sessions in April. These sessions primarily focused on fitness workouts, with Gopichand leading the sessions and closely monitoring the players’ progress.

While most of Gopichand’s athletes have their own fitness trainers, they still benefit from the group sessions. Within the constraints of regional lockdown rules in India, the national team’s chief coach ensures that all athletes receive the necessary training. This includes strength and conditioning classes, physiotherapy and rehabilitation sessions, and badminton training with the coaches. Gopichand has developed customized schedules for each athlete to optimize their training.

Motivation and Focus

One of the key reasons Gopichand chose to take his lessons online was to keep his athletes motivated and focused. The structured nature of the sessions has provided them with a sense of purpose during these challenging times. Additionally, some athletes have utilized this downtime to recover from injuries and build their strength. The break has also allowed them to rest both physically and mentally.

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Gopichand appreciates the online platform as a means of connecting with his players and sharing experiences. Even when practice returns to full swing, he plans to continue utilizing technology for coaching purposes. The athletes have shown great punctuality and dedication, embracing the new format of training.

Gopichand’s Coaching Preference

When asked about his coaching preference, Gopichand is clear that being on the court and witnessing the real push of his players is the most fulfilling aspect of his role.

Gopichand Coaching


Q: How did Gopichand adapt to the COVID-19 pandemic?
A: Gopichand shifted his coaching sessions online, conducting fitness workouts and closely monitoring his players’ progress.

Q: How does Gopichand ensure that all athletes receive training?
A: Gopichand organizes group sessions for strength and conditioning, physiotherapy, rehabilitation, and badminton training. He has designed individual schedules for each athlete.

Q: What benefits have the online sessions provided for the athletes?
A: The online sessions have kept the athletes motivated and focused. They have also allowed for recovery from injuries and provided much-needed rest.

Q: Will Gopichand continue utilizing technology for coaching in the future?
A: Yes, Gopichand plans to continue using technology even after practice returns to normal, as it has proven to be an effective platform for connecting and sharing experiences with his players.


Pullela Gopichand’s adoption of online coaching during the COVID-19 pandemic has proven successful in keeping his athletes motivated and disciplined. Through fitness workouts and closely monitoring their progress, he ensures that each athlete receives the necessary training. The online sessions have provided a structured platform for athletes to focus on their goals, recover from injuries, and find much-needed rest. Gopichand plans to continue utilizing technology even when practice returns to full swing, recognizing its value in connecting with his players and sharing experiences. Ultimately, his dedication to coaching and his athletes’ well-being shines through, making him a respected figure in the badminton community.

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