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The Badminton World Federation (BWF) is excited to announce its revamped BWF Tournament Calendar for 2022, culminating in the highly anticipated HSBC BWF World Tour Finals in Guangzhou, China.

Streamlined Tournament Schedule

The HSBC BWF World Tour calendar for 2022 focuses on cluster tournaments primarily in Asia, with the addition of traditional European tournament stops that offer more feasible travel options. This strategic approach allows for a smooth and efficient tournament schedule.

Ensuring Player Safety

BWF Secretary General, Thomas Lund, emphasized the organization’s commitment to prioritizing player safety. Following the successful Asian Leg in January 2021, held in Thailand, which paved the way for the resumption of international competitions, the BWF Tournament Calendar for 2022 incorporates a series of cluster tournaments. These clusters help to mitigate the complexities surrounding cross-border travel.

Gradual Return to Normalcy

While it is likely that tournaments in 2022 will still have BWF safety provisions in place, the federation aims to gradually transition to hosting tournaments with fewer COVID-19 restrictions as the world moves towards normalcy. This gradual approach will bring back the thrilling atmosphere of international badminton events, with fewer limitations on hosting.

BWF Tournament Calendar 2022

The BWF Tournament Calendar for 2022 is packed with exciting events that will keep badminton enthusiasts on the edge of their seats. Please refer to the image below for the tournament dates and levels.

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BWF Tournament Calendar 2022


Q: Are there any additional tournaments planned for 2022?
A: The BWF is currently discussing the possibility of adding more Super 100 tournaments to the revamped calendar. Final details will be shared in due course.

Q: What safety provisions can we expect for tournaments in 2022?
A: While specific provisions will be announced closer to the tournament dates, the BWF will continue to prioritize player safety and ensure necessary precautions are in place.

Q: Will the BWF gradually lift COVID-19 restrictions for tournaments in 2022?
A: Yes, the BWF aims to transition towards hosting tournaments with fewer COVID-19 restrictions as the situation improves globally.


The BWF Tournament Calendar for 2022 offers badminton fans an exciting lineup of events to look forward to. With a focus on player safety and a gradual return to normalcy, the BWF is committed to delivering world-class badminton competitions that captivate audiences worldwide. Stay tuned for more updates and get ready to witness the best in badminton at the HSBC BWF World Tour Finals in Guangzhou, China.

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