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Sayaka Sato Celebrates Victory at the BCA Indonesia Open 2017

Sayaka Sato

Sayaka Sato, a talented badminton player, achieved a monumental victory at the BCA Indonesia Open 2017, receiving a standing ovation from the passionate Indonesian crowd. This triumph marks a significant milestone in Sato’s career, as she overcame numerous challenges, including injury and surgery, to claim the title of Women’s Singles champion in Jakarta.

A Hard-Earned Victory

The intense final match between Sayaka Sato and Sung Ji Hyun kept spectators on the edge of their seats. After a grueling battle, Sato emerged victorious with a dazzling scoreline of 21-13, 17-21, 21-14. Overwhelmed with emotion, she fell to the court in celebration, appreciating the magnitude of her achievement.

“This win means a lot to me. I had a strong desire to claim this title today, and I knew it wouldn’t be easy. In the third game, I felt nervous and exhausted, but my coaches’ encouragement gave me the confidence to push through,” Sato shared.

A Display of Determination

Sato demonstrated her determination from the start, maintaining a commanding lead throughout the first game. Sung Ji Hyun struggled to adapt to the conditions, while Sato showcased her agility and energy. However, Sung mounted a remarkable comeback in the second game, taking advantage of a series of errors from Sato to secure seven consecutive points and claim the game.

Undeterred, Sato regained her composure and unleashed an aggressive assault in the third game, leaving Sung trailing hopelessly. It was evident that Sung had given her all to extend the match to three games, as she seemed to have nothing left in her tank. Sato’s hard work and commitment paid off as she sealed the victory, cementing her place among the best in the world.

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A Promising Future

While Sung Ji Hyun expressed disappointment at missing out on the title, she acknowledged Sato’s superior fitness and speed, emphasizing that these factors made the difference in the match. As one of the tour’s most consistent performers, Sung vowed to bounce back and continue her pursuit of success.

In the Men’s Singles final, Kidambi Srikanth showcased his return to top form, securing his first Superseries crown since 2015. Srikanth’s dominant performance, especially his attacking prowess, propelled him to a straight-games victory over Kazumasa Sakai.

“This win is incredibly special to me. It has been a long time since I claimed a Superseries title,” Srikanth expressed with excitement. Overcoming a six-month injury-induced hiatus, he proved his resilience and determination on the court.

Sakai, though disappointed with the outcome, recognized the positives of his successful run in the tournament. As someone who trained in Indonesia from a young age, Sakai appreciated the support he received in a country that embraced him as a teenager.


Q: How did Sayaka Sato secure victory at the BCA Indonesia Open?
A: Sayaka Sato exhibited her tenacity, skill, and determination in a hard-fought final match against Sung Ji Hyun, ultimately prevailing with a scoreline of 21-13, 17-21, 21-14.

Q: What was notable about Kidambi Srikanth’s performance in the Men’s Singles final?
A: Kidambi Srikanth’s commanding performance, characterized by his attacking style of play, propelled him to victory against Kazumasa Sakai, securing his first Superseries crown since 2015.


The BCA Indonesia Open 2017 showcased incredible talent and fierce competition in the realm of badminton. Sayaka Sato and Kidambi Srikanth demonstrated the heights that can be achieved through unwavering determination and skillful play. These victories mark significant milestones in their respective careers, setting the stage for even more thrilling matches in the future.

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