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BWF News

The Badminton World Federation (BWF) is excited to announce the implementation of an Experimental Service Law (Fixed Height) starting from March 1st next year. This new rule will be tested at prestigious events including the TOTAL BWF Thomas & Uber Cup Finals 2018 in Bangkok and the TOTAL BWF World Championships 2018 in Nanjing. The decision to introduce this experimental law was made during the recent BWF Council meeting in Montego Bay, Jamaica.

The proposed change to the Laws of Badminton will be officially presented at the BWF Annual General Meeting in May. It states that the shuttle must be below 1.15 meters from the court surface when hit by the server’s racket. The YONEX All England Open Badminton Championships 2018 will be the first event to implement this new rule, marking the beginning of the BWF tournament series.

This testing phase will include all Grade 1 events (excluding the BWF World Junior Championships), Grade 2 events (the new BWF tournament series), and continental championships in April. The BWF anticipates running these tests until the end of the year. The goal is to improve the application of the service laws in badminton, as BWF President Poul-Erik Høyer states, “The serve is an integral part of badminton. Over the years, we have been looking for ways to improve how the service laws are applied.”

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To ensure accurate measurement of the service height, the BWF will organize a training workshop for BWF Umpire Assessors in Kuala Lumpur in January. These assessors will then conduct training courses at the continental team championships in February. The training will cover the use of measuring devices that determine service height.

In addition to the service law testing, the BWF Council also approved a budget of US$6 million to support capacity building within its continental confederations over the next six years. The goal is to equip confederations to effectively deliver projects to member associations and facilitate the development of badminton on a regional and national level.

The BWF is also investing in player development through a Star Creation initiative. To achieve this, the BWF plans to collaborate with a specialist agency that will focus on developing players beyond their performance on the court. The objective is to help players improve their commercial skills, enhance their marketability, and maximize their commercial value to sponsors. This initiative will include social media management, language training, and media training.

Furthermore, the BWF is dedicated to enhancing fan engagement and has allocated a significant budget for a cutting-edge digital strategy. This strategy aims to create an immersive digital experience for badminton fans throughout the year, focusing on star players and tournaments. By utilizing various digital channels, tools, and activities, the BWF intends to increase the value of badminton for fans and commercial stakeholders alike.


Q: When will the Experimental Service Law (Fixed Height) be implemented?
A: The testing of the Experimental Service Law will begin on March 1st next year.

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Q: Which tournaments will undergo testing?
A: All Grade 1 events, Grade 2 events (the new BWF tournament series), and continental championships will undergo testing.

Q: How long will the testing phase last?
A: As of now, the testing is expected to run until the end of the year.


The Badminton World Federation’s implementation of the Experimental Service Law (Fixed Height) reflects their commitment to improving the application of service laws in badminton. Through testing at prestigious events and continuous development initiatives, the BWF aims to enhance the sport’s experience for players, fans, and commercial stakeholders alike. Stay tuned for more updates on the BWF’s efforts to elevate badminton to new heights.

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