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The BWF World Junior Mixed Team Championships 2017 in Yogyakarta proved to be a valuable learning experience for several teams. While facing strong opponents such as Japan, Malaysia, and Thailand resulted in lopsided losses for some lesser-developed squads, the opportunity to compete against perennial medal contenders is invaluable in assessing skill levels.

New Zealand coach Robbie Thackham, despite his team’s 5-0 loss to Malaysia in Group C1, emphasized the importance of this experience for his players. Thackham acknowledged the challenge of facing top countries but highlighted how it provides valuable exposure and helps prepare the team for future competitions.

The sentiment was echoed by Dutch coach Ruud Bosch, whose team was only assembled three months ago. Despite losing 4-1 to Thailand, Bosch saw positive aspects in his team’s performance. The focus for the Netherlands is on learning and gaining experience, especially in playing in new venues with different conditions, such as wind. Despite the challenges faced by the Dutch players, their coach emphasized the importance of seizing opportunities and staying relaxed on the court.

One of the highlights for the Dutch team was a Women’s Doubles victory by Debora Jille and Alyssa Tirtosentono. After a slight setback in the first game, they rallied to win against their opponents. Coach Bosch expressed his satisfaction with their performance and highlighted how the Dutch players were impressed by the grand scale of badminton in Indonesia.

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Even Denmark, known for giving their Asian counterparts a tough time, faced difficulties this year as they experimented with new players and combinations at the Blibli.com Yonex-Sunrise BWF World Junior Championships 2017. They were defeated 5-0 by defending Suhandinata Cup champions, China. Despite the loss, Denmark’s coach Rikkie Siegemund praised the team’s effort and acknowledged the learning opportunities that will benefit them in the future.

Hungary, Latvia, and Mongolia also faced tough challenges against India, Japan, and Indonesia, respectively. These matches served as valuable lessons for the teams as they strive to secure quarter-final places.

The tournament has seen exciting matches unfold, with teams showcasing their skills. As the competition progresses, it becomes clear that no team can be underestimated. The European nation of Spain, for example, poses a significant challenge for Indonesia, according to Susy Susanti, the team manager. She also noted that Spain has a Women’s Singles athlete who plays similarly to Carolina Marin, a highly regarded player from Indonesia.

In other groups, Russia defeated Germany 4-1 to qualify for the Group A final against top seeds Korea. Sweden, France, and Australia also secured victories in their respective matches, setting the stage for further thrilling encounters.

The BWF World Junior Mixed Team Championships 2017 is shaping up to be an exciting tournament filled with valuable experiences for all participating teams. The competition not only showcases the talent and dedication of young players but also provides a platform for learning and growth in the sport.

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1. What is the BWF World Junior Mixed Team Championships 2017?
The BWF World Junior Mixed Team Championships 2017 is a prestigious badminton tournament that brings together talented young players from various countries to compete in mixed team matches.

2. Which teams are considered strong contenders in the tournament?
Teams like Japan, Malaysia, and Thailand are known to be powerhouses in badminton and have consistently earned medals in this tournament.

3. How are the participating teams benefiting from the competition?
The tournament provides an excellent opportunity for teams to assess their skill levels against strong opponents. It also offers valuable experience on the court and exposure to the intense atmosphere of a major tournament.

4. What are some notable performances from the tournament so far?
Despite facing challenges, teams like the Netherlands and Denmark have showcased positive aspects in their performances. The Dutch Women’s Doubles victory and the Danish team’s effort in their matches were particularly impressive.

5. What should we expect from the upcoming matches?
As the tournament progresses, the competition will become more intense, with each team striving to secure their spot in the quarter-finals. Exciting matches and high-level performances are anticipated as the teams continue to showcase their skills.


The BWF World Junior Mixed Team Championships 2017 has provided an excellent platform for young badminton players to learn, grow, and showcase their talent. Despite facing strong opponents, teams have displayed determination, resilience, and a hunger for improvement. As the competition unfolds, it promises to deliver thrilling matches and memorable performances. The tournament is a testament to the dedication and passion of these young athletes and serves as an important stepping stone in their badminton careers. For more information on the BWF World Junior Mixed Team Championships 2017, visit Carnegiecentre.

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