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China Clinches 10th BWF World Junior Mixed Team Championship Title

China’s dominance in badminton continues as they secure their 10th BWF World Junior Mixed Team Championship title, defeating Indonesia 3-0 in Lima, Peru. After a tough battle against Japan in the semi-finals, China’s men stepped up their game, aided by team captain Chen Qingchen in the Mixed Doubles category, ensuring a smooth path to retaining the championship at the High Performance Center – Videna.

A Display of Superiority

Indonesia, previously a polished and capable team throughout the tournament, found themselves overwhelmed and unable to handle the relentless attacks and variety of shots from their Chinese counterparts. In a matter of minutes, China clinched the victory in the Mixed Doubles category, with Zheng Siwei and Chen defeating Andika Ramadiansyah and Marsheille Gischa Islami in a swift 24-minute match.

Indonesia’s Hopes Diminished

Indonesian fans received a blow when Firman Abdul Kholik was replaced in the Men’s Singles showdown with Lin Guipu. Panji Ahmad Maulana, who took Kholik’s place, couldn’t rise to the challenge, allowing Lin to secure a comfortable win with a score of 21-11, 21-16. China was now on the brink of capturing the coveted golden trophy.

Suhandinata Cup - Team Indonesia

Demolition Job Completed

Zheng Siwei returned to the court, teaming up with He Jiting in the Men’s Doubles category. The Chinese pair showcased a stunning combination of powerful attacks and resolute defense, leaving their Indonesian opponents struggling to find a response. Zheng and He convincingly sealed their victory with a final score of 21-13, 21-10, granting their Women’s Singles and Women’s Doubles teammates a well-deserved rest after their crucial performances.

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Suhandinata Cup - Chinese Taipei selfie

China’s Triumph

China’s team manager, Lu Sida, expressed satisfaction with their performance, stating, “We feel very good. This final was much easier than the semi-final, and we are kind of surprised. We respect Indonesia, but today we were much better than them.” Indonesia’s manager/coach, Imam Tohari, admitted his team was outplayed by China’s superior speed and pressure. He acknowledged that there are weaknesses to address and improvements to be made.


Q: How many times has China won the BWF World Junior Mixed Team Championship?
A: China has now won the championship a record-breaking 10 times.

Q: Who was the team captain for China?
A: Chen Qingchen was the team captain for China.

Q: What was the final score in the Men’s Singles match?
A: Lin Guipu defeated Panji Ahmad Maulana with a score of 21-11, 21-16.


China’s badminton prowess was on full display as they secured their 10th BWF World Junior Mixed Team Championship title. With a combination of skill, speed, and determination, China’s team overwhelmed their Indonesian opponents and emerged victorious. Congratulations to China for their remarkable achievement in Lima, Peru.

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