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BWF World Senior Championships: Celebrating the Achievements of England and Denmark

The BWF World Senior Championships held in Ankara, Turkey, was a platform for showcasing exceptional talent and sportsmanship. England emerged as the big winners, securing an impressive nine gold medals, closely followed by Denmark with six golds. Let’s delve into the highlights of this exhilarating event and celebrate the triumphs of these remarkable athletes.

England’s Dominance across Age Categories

With a contingent of 94 competitors, England made their presence felt across various age categories. They displayed outstanding performances, earning gold medals in six different categories and an astonishing three golds in the +60 grouping. In total, England won an impressive 35 medals throughout the tournament.

In the +60 category, William Hamblett and Graham Holt triumphed in Men’s Doubles, while Ann Hurst and Margo Jane Witty secured victory in Women’s Doubles. Notably, both pairs faced tough competition from fellow English players. Betty Bartlett, partnered with Peter Emptage, clinched gold in Mixed Doubles, while Kenneth Tantum and Susan Awcock emerged victorious in the intense all-England battle of the +65 Mixed Doubles final.

In the +45 category, Debora Miller showcased her exceptional skills, winning two gold medals – Women’s Doubles with Betty Blair and Mixed Doubles with Mark Golds. Brenda Andrew and Beryl Goodall added to England’s tally with victory in Women’s Doubles in the 70+ age range.

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Danish Excellence in the +50s Category

Denmark also delivered a commendable performance, securing three gold medals in the +50s category. Martin Qvist Olesen claimed victory in Men’s Singles, Lone Hagelskjaer Knudsen emerged as the Women’s Singles champion, and Olesen, teaming up with Morten Christensen, triumphed in Men’s Doubles. Gitte Sommer added to Denmark’s success with a gold and silver medal in +40 Women’s Singles and Mixed Doubles, respectively.

Notable Performances and Other Medal Winners

At more than 70 years of age, Renate Gabriel of Germany stood out as one of the event’s highlights. She clinched gold in Women’s Singles, defeating her compatriot Rita Gerst, and also secured victory in Mixed Doubles with Hans Schumacher. Germany and Japan both won five gold medals, while Thailand, Scotland, Chinese Taipei, and Canada made their mark with multiple golds. Other participating countries, including Ireland, Russia, South Africa, and Sweden, also made significant contributions to the competition.

Celebrating Diversity in the Sporting Arena

The BWF World Senior Championships brought together 899 players from 40 countries, making it a truly global and inclusive event. India sent the largest contingent, with 132 players participating, followed closely by the impressive English team.


Q: How many gold medals did England win in the BWF World Senior Championships?

A: England won a total of nine gold medals in the tournament.

Q: Which country had the largest contingent in the competition?

A: India sent the largest contingent, with 132 players participating in the BWF World Senior Championships.

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The BWF World Senior Championships witnessed remarkable performances from athletes from around the world. England and Denmark showcased their prowess, securing multiple gold medals across various age categories. This event not only celebrates the achievements of these exceptional athletes but also showcases the spirit of camaraderie and diversity within the badminton community. To stay updated on upcoming tournaments and exciting badminton news, visit Carnegiecentre – your go-to source for all things badminton.

Photos: Courtesy of BWF