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The Badminton World Federation’s flagship tour came to an exciting close as Lee Chong Wei, the most successful player in BWF World Superseries history, claimed the final Superseries title. In a thrilling showdown at the YONEX-SUNRISE Hong Kong Open 2017, Lee defeated his arch-rival Chen Long to secure his fifth Men’s Singles crown in Hong Kong and his 46th Superseries championship overall. This victory marked the end of an era for the BWF, as they prepare to launch a new tour in January, featuring million-dollar prize money in its top four events.

A Battle of Titans

Lee and Chen, two badminton legends, faced each other in their first clash since the gold-medal showdown at the 2016 Rio Olympic Games. Lee dominated the match from the start, showcasing his exceptional skills with powerful smashes, precise net shots, and strategic play. He took an early lead of 12-4 and maintained his advantage throughout the first game.

In the second game, Chen fought back, determined to turn the tide. He showcased his versatility and variety of shots, quickly taking a 15-10 lead. However, Lee proved that he wasn’t ready to surrender yet. With patience, strategy, and determination, he managed to level the score at 15-15. The game became a fierce battle, reaching a tense 18-18. Chen seized a slight advantage at 19-18 with a well-placed shot, but Lee responded with a powerful smash to tie the score at 19-19. In the end, Chen succumbed to the pressure, netting the shuttle and giving Lee the opportunity to secure the match point and eventual victory.

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Lee Chong Wei’s Ageless Brilliance

At 35 years old, Lee continues to defy the limitations of age, proving that his skills and passion for the sport are as strong as ever. When asked about his age and future on the court, Lee dismissed any concerns, stating that “age is just a number” that doesn’t affect his performance. He expressed a desire to continue playing until the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games, but acknowledged that the situation could change. For now, he remains focused on enjoying every match and delivering exceptional performances.

A Moment of Reflection for Chen Long

Chen Long, despite his defeat, acknowledged Lee’s outstanding performance and the mistakes he made during crucial points. He expressed satisfaction with his overall performance and is now looking forward to the Dubai World Superseries Finals, where the top eight singles players on the tour are invited to compete.

Tai Tzu Ying’s Remarkable Season

In the women’s division, Tai Tzu Ying continued her dominance by claiming her fifth title of the MetLife BWF World Superseries season. She defeated Pusarla V Sindhu in a thrilling match, defending the championship she won a year ago against the same opponent. Tai’s exceptional speed and power proved to be a challenge for Sindhu, as she strategically placed her shots, forcing Sindhu to run across the court. Despite facing deficits, Sindhu fought back, leveling the score at 18-18. However, a stroke of bad luck, as one of her racket strings broke, gave Tai the advantage to secure the first game. Tai continued her relentless play in the second game, hitting winners from every corner of the court. Though Sindhu made a late comeback, it was not enough to overcome Tai’s lead, and she ultimately sealed victory with her trademark drop shot.

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Looking Ahead

While Lee Chong Wei and Tai Tzu Ying celebrate their victories, their attention now turns to future competitions and challenges. As the badminton world eagerly awaits the launch of the new BWF tour in January, fans can expect more exciting matches, higher stakes, and greater rewards for the players.


1. What is the BWF World Superseries?

The BWF World Superseries was the premier badminton tour organized by the Badminton World Federation. It featured the top players from around the world competing in various tournaments throughout the season.

2. How many Superseries titles has Lee Chong Wei won?

Lee Chong Wei has won a record-breaking 46 Superseries titles during his career, making him the most successful player in the history of the tour.

3. Who is Tai Tzu Ying?

Tai Tzu Ying is a top-ranked women’s singles badminton player from Chinese Taipei. She is known for her exceptional speed, agility, and strategic play.

4. When is the Dubai World Superseries Finals?

The Dubai World Superseries Finals is an annual tournament that features the top eight singles players and doubles pairs in the BWF Superseries rankings. The exact dates of the tournament may vary each year, so it is advisable to check the official BWF website for the latest information.


The YONEX-SUNRISE Hong Kong Open 2017 marked the end of an era for the BWF World Superseries, with Lee Chong Wei and Tai Tzu Ying emerging as the champions. Lee’s remarkable performance against his rival Chen Long highlighted his continuing brilliance and determination. Tai’s exceptional speed and strategic play secured her victory against Pusarla V Sindhu. As the badminton world eagerly awaits the new BWF tour, fans can expect more thrilling matches and fierce competition in the coming months. Stay tuned to Carnegiecentre for the latest updates in badminton news and events.

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