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The Yonex Denmark Open 2013: A Badminton Spectacle

The Yonex Denmark Open 2013, held in the charming town of Odense, is set to be a badminton extravaganza. Featuring top singles players and pairs from around the world, this Premier Superseries tournament promises high-level action and exciting new partnerships.

New Pairings and Fresh Challenges

One of the most intriguing aspects of this tournament is the breaking up of established pairs in favor of new combinations. Teams have strategically reshuffled their partnerships, keeping in mind upcoming important events. Even legendary Men’s Doubles duo, Cai Yun and Fu Haifeng, four-time world champions from China, have been separated and teamed up with new partners – Chai Biao and Hong Wei respectively.

The world’s number one pair, Lee Yong Dae and Ko Sung Hyun, champions of the recent Adidas China Masters, have also parted ways, at least for the time being. Lee is now partnering with Yoo Yeon Seong, while Ko has teamed up with Shin Baek Choel.

Women’s Doubles has also witnessed new alignments. Successful Chinese pair Ma Jin and Tang Jinhua are no longer playing together. Ma is now paired with Zhong Qianxin, while Tang teams up with Bao Yixin. Additionally, Eom Hye Won and Jang Ye Na from Korea have found new partners – Eom with Shin Seung Chan and Jang with Kim So Young.

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Exciting Singles Matchups

Both the Men’s and Women’s Singles events promise top-quality action right from the early rounds. In Men’s Singles, the Superseries king, Lee Chong Wei from Malaysia, and Chen Long from China are the top contenders. However, they face tough opponents on their way to the final. Lee is up against feisty Korean Lee Dong Keun in the first round, while Chen faces another qualifier, Anand Pawar from India. Du Pengyu from China, Kashyap Parupalli from India, Wang Zhengming from China, and Kenichi Tago from Japan are also expected to make waves in the tournament.

In Women’s Singles, fourth seed Saina Nehwal from India aims to defend her title and claim her first trophy of 2013. She has a comfortable draw until the quarter-finals. However, she should be cautious of strong competitors from China, including Olympic champion Li Xuerui, Swiss Open champion Wang Shixian, Wang Xin on the comeback trail after injury, and the talented youngster Yu Sun.

Notable Happenings

Aside from the exciting matches, there are a few notable happenings in the tournament. Japan’s world junior champion, Kento Momota, fought his way through the qualifying rounds, defeating two Indian players to secure a spot in the Men’s Singles main draw. Denmark dominated the Women’s Singles qualifying rounds, ensuring three out of four qualifiers. Former Olympic champion, Lee Yong Dae from Korea, teamed up with new partner Shin Seung Chan and advanced to the main draw in Mixed Doubles.


  • Q: When and where is the Yonex Denmark Open 2013 taking place?

  • A: The Yonex Denmark Open 2013 is being held in Odense, Denmark.

  • Q: Who are the top contenders in Men’s Singles?

  • A: The top contenders in Men’s Singles are Lee Chong Wei from Malaysia and Chen Long from China.

  • Q: Can you tell me about any interesting pairings in Women’s Doubles?

  • A: Ma Jin and Tang Jinhua, a successful Chinese pair, are no longer playing together. They have been paired with Zhong Qianxin and Bao Yixin respectively.

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The Yonex Denmark Open 2013 promises to be an exceptional badminton tournament, with top players and exciting new partnerships. Fans can expect thrilling matches and surprising outcomes as established pairs are reconfigured and new alliances form. Stay tuned for all the action and keep an eye on the Carnegiecentre website for updates and live coverage.