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The VICTOR Oceania Open Individual Championships 2019 thrilled spectators with intense matches in both the men’s and women’s singles categories. The games went the distance, keeping the audience on the edge of their seats.

In the women’s singles, Australian Olympian and four-time reigning champion Wendy Chen successfully defended her title against compatriot Yingzi Jiang in a closely fought battle. Chen, who recently underwent surgery, expressed her happiness to be back on the court. She described the match as tough, with ups and downs, but managed to secure the win.

Meanwhile, in the men’s singles, two-time reigning junior champion Oscar Guo claimed his first open men’s singles title by defeating Tahiti’s Rémi Rossi. The match went to three games, and Guo had to dig deep to bring it back, ultimately denying Tahiti the opportunity to make history as no player outside of New Zealand or Australia had ever won a gold medal in the championships.

In the mixed doubles category, first seeds Simon Leung and Gronya Somerville from Australia emerged as the champions. They displayed confidence on the court and defeated their compatriots Sawan Serasinghe and Lee Yen Khoo in two games. This victory brought an end to Serasinghe’s reign as he had won the past two years with his previous partner.

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In the men’s doubles, Sawan Serasinghe didn’t let the defeat in the mixed event hinder his success. He secured his fifth consecutive men’s doubles crown, this time partnering with Eric Vuong after previously winning the last four years with Matthew Chau.

Finally, Olympians Gronya Somerville and Setyana Mapasa, the first seeds from Australia, showcased their experience and stormed through the final in the women’s doubles category, defeating third seeds Yingzi Jiang and Louis Ma.

The players are now eagerly looking forward to the upcoming VICTOR Oceania Junior and Open Mixed Team Championships scheduled to take place from the 15th to the 17th of February 2019.

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