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YONEX All England: Yuta Watanabe Shines in Doubles Domination

YONEX All England, held under unique circumstances this year, showcased the exceptional talent of Yuta Watanabe in the doubles disciplines. Despite the challenges posed by the global pandemic, Watanabe’s commitment to training has been unwavering. His exceptional physical condition was evident as he reached the finals of both the men’s and mixed doubles in Birmingham’s Utility Arena, without dropping a single set.

In a remarkable feat, Watanabe won eight consecutive matches leading up to the finals, proving his dominance in the sport. Last year, he claimed the men’s doubles title with partner Hiroyuki Endo, after an intense showdown against Marcus Fernaldi Gideon and Kevin Sanjaya Sukamuljo. However, he experienced disappointment in the mixed doubles event, losing in the last 16 with his partner Arisa Higashino.

Notably, Watanabe and Higashino secured their first major success as a mixed doubles pair at the 2018 Yonex All England. Building on his accomplishments, Watanabe has set his sights on excelling in both doubles disciplines in the same week, driven by his pursuit of excellence.

Watanabe’s outstanding performance in the finals was characterized by his trademark powerful smashes and exceptional racket skills. His ability to return seemingly impossible shots demonstrated his world-class talent. Although the second set did not go as planned, Watanabe and Endo maintained their energy and composure, ultimately emerging victorious in the deciding set.

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This victory marks the fourth consecutive win for Watanabe and Endo against Takeshi Kamura and Keigo Sonoda, despite the latter pair having a higher seeding. The final set concluded with a convincing 21-11 score, solidifying Watanabe and Endo’s status as the All England champions. This achievement is even more significant as it heralds the success of Japanese athletes in this Tokyo Olympic year.


Q: How did Yuta Watanabe perform in the YONEX All England?
A: Yuta Watanabe showcased his exceptional talent by reaching the finals of both the men’s and mixed doubles events. He did not drop a single set throughout the tournament, highlighting his dominance in doubles disciplines.

Q: Has Yuta Watanabe achieved success in previous All England tournaments?
A: Yes, Watanabe and his partner Arisa Higashino won their first major title as a mixed doubles pair at the 2018 Yonex All England. Furthermore, Watanabe and Hiroyuki Endo claimed the men’s doubles title last year after an intense battle against strong opponents.

Q: What makes Yuta Watanabe a formidable player?
A: Yuta Watanabe’s powerful smashes, exceptional racket skills, and ability to return challenging shots sets him apart as a world-class talent. His commitment to training and unwavering drive for success contribute to his remarkable performances.


Yuta Watanabe’s exceptional talent and unwavering dedication were on full display at the YONEX All England. Despite the challenges posed by the global pandemic, Watanabe dominated the doubles disciplines, reaching the finals without dropping a set. With a remarkable track record and an impressive display of skill, Watanabe secured the men’s doubles title alongside Hiroyuki Endo and showcased his prowess in the mixed doubles event. His outstanding performance solidifies his status as one of the top doubles players in the world. This success not only highlights Watanabe’s achievements but also celebrates the excellence of Japanese athletes in this Tokyo Olympic year. For more information, visit website.

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