Thursday, 13 Jun 2024

Children in Birmingham experience live badminton and interactive sessions

Children in Birmingham recently had the opportunity to witness live badminton and engage in interactive sessions through the YONEX All England – Legacy Project. In conjunction with the 2023 YONEX All England Open Badminton Championships held at the Utilita Arena Birmingham, Badminton England aimed to promote the sport to local communities, with a special focus on primary school children.

As part of the project, Badminton England organized a Schools Festival of badminton that featured their early years coaching program, The Racket Pack. Over 80 children and teachers from 10 different schools in Birmingham participated in a free day of badminton, providing many children with their first taste of the sport.

The day began with the children watching live action at the Utilita, where they witnessed an international field of players, including English stars, competing for prestigious trophies. Then, they headed to Nechells Community Sports Centre, where a team from Badminton England delivered a two-hour festival of fun, games, and activities as part of the Racket Pack Program.

Teachers gave overwhelmingly positive feedback, with the school children thoroughly enjoying the opportunity to watch world-class badminton and participate in practical sessions. One teacher expressed their enjoyment of attending the YONEX All England tournament and noted how well the event was organized. They also mentioned their plans to incorporate badminton into their PE curriculum.

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The impact of the tournament and the YAE Legacy Project on the city and the attending children has been significant. Badminton England is thrilled with the success and remains committed to encouraging more children and adults to take up the sport in all communities across Birmingham and beyond.

This year marked the launch of the YAE Legacy Project, and plans are already underway to ensure its greater impact in 2024 and the years to come. Additionally, as part of their efforts to attract more children to the sport, Badminton England offered a £1.00 ticket to schools in the Birmingham area. Over 1600 children and teachers took advantage of this opportunity and got to experience live badminton throughout the week.

Alex Lane, Relationship Manager at Badminton England, expressed his excitement to be part of the project, recognizing that witnessing top-level badminton followed by trying the sport themselves is a great way to inspire children. He even mentioned the possibility of one of these kids representing England in the future.

Dominic Bone, Senior Marketing Manager at YONEX UK, also shared his delight that many children had the chance to experience badminton through the Racket Pack schools festival during this year’s championships.

The YONEX All England – Legacy Project has successfully introduced children in Birmingham to the world of badminton, and Badminton England is determined to build upon this success and encourage more people to engage with the sport in the years ahead.