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By Tom Harle at Utilita Arena Birmingham

Lakshya Sen’s Journey: From Triumph to Setbacks and a Glimpse of Hope

Lakshya Sen, India’s rising badminton star, has recently returned to Birmingham after a challenging six months. The 21-year-old had a remarkable run last year, reaching the final of the YONEX All England and claiming his first Super 1000 podium finish. He then went on to win gold at the Commonwealth Games, solidifying his place as one of India’s brightest talents.

However, his success was followed by a series of hurdles. Sen underwent surgery for a deviated septum, which resulted in a blocked nose. This, coupled with his weakened immune system, led to a string of illnesses and a dip in his performance. He suffered early exits at the French Open and the India Open in New Delhi.

Reflecting on the challenging period, Sen said, “The last few months have been really tough. My immunity was not up to scratch, and I was getting sick frequently after the surgery. I’ve been working hard to regain my full fitness.”

Despite the setbacks, Sen remained determined to make a strong comeback. His resolve was put to the test when he saw the draw for the All England tournament, where he was matched against the formidable Chou Tien Chen of Taiwan on the opening day.

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Knowing that he had to adapt his game against Chou’s disciplined style, Sen embraced a more attacking approach. “More than tactically, he is an all-around strong player, so I tried to take initiative and create openings all the time,” Sen explained. “Every point, I had to be on my toes, try to attack, and score points.”

In a thrilling encounter, Sen took control in the first game, only for Chou to stage a comeback and level the score. But Sen’s solid technique and determination prevailed as he secured the first game. The second game saw Chou take an early lead, but Sen drew upon his inner strength and clinched victory once again.

Reflecting on his impressive performance, Sen acknowledged the tough challenge posed by Chou. “It was a big match today, and credit to Chou Tien Chen for giving me a great match,” Sen said. “He is a tough opponent, so I was prepared to give my all out there, and I’m happy with the way I came out in both of those sets.”

Sen’s journey does not get any easier, as he faces Denmark’s Anders Antonsen in the second round—another formidable opponent who has had his fair share of struggles. However, Sen’s previous successes in Birmingham give him hope and confidence as he continues his quest for glory.

“It feels good to be back in Birmingham again—I have great memories from last year,” Sen expressed. “I love to play in this kind of arena. It’s one of the biggest tournaments, and it has always been my dream to come and play here. I’ve been training hard in the past few months, and I’m looking forward to showcasing my best on the court.”

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Q: How did Lakshya Sen perform in the YONEX All England tournament last year?

A: Lakshya Sen had a remarkable run in the YONEX All England tournament last year, reaching the final and securing his first Super 1000 podium finish.

Q: How did Lakshya Sen’s health issues affect his performance?

A: Lakshya Sen underwent surgery for a deviated septum, which resulted in a blocked nose and weakened his immune system. As a result, he suffered from frequent illnesses and faced challenges in maintaining his performance.

Q: What approach did Lakshya Sen take in his match against Chou Tien Chen?

A: Lakshya Sen adopted a more attacking approach against Chou Tien Chen, aiming to take the initiative and create openings throughout the match. He recognized the need to stay on his toes, attack consistently, and score points.


Lakshya Sen, India’s rising badminton star, has overcome a series of setbacks to make a dazzling return to the court in Birmingham. After a successful run last year, Sen faced health issues that affected his performance. However, his recent victory against Chou Tien Chen at the All England tournament showcased his determination and adaptability. As Sen continues to face tough challenges, he remains focused on regaining his peak fitness and achieving further success on the badminton circuit. Keep an eye on this young talent as he seeks to make his mark on the world stage.

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