Friday, 14 Jun 2024

Lauren Smith Looks Forward to the YONEX All England Open

Lauren Smith, a prominent badminton player, is excited to participate in this year’s YONEX All England Open. She will be competing in two categories: mixed doubles with Marcus Ellis and women’s doubles with Chloe Birch. Smith and Ellis, who are partners on and off the court, recently reunited after Ellis’ hip operation. Smith, who has faced her own injury struggles, is determined to make the most of her time at the tournament and on the tour this year.

The Return of Marcus Ellis

Smith expresses her enthusiasm for Ellis’ return, mentioning that it has been an unexpected few months without him on the court. Both players have experienced injuries before but were not accustomed to being away from the game for an extended period. They realize the value of their sport now more than ever and are eager to showcase their strong character and fight for every point.

Renewed Partnership with Chloe Birch

Additionally, this will be the first YONEX All England Open for Smith and Birch since they renewed their partnership. Smith initially focused on mixed doubles only but realized she wanted to challenge herself further. She sees their participation in the women’s doubles as an extra opportunity to enjoy the game in front of the home crowd and secure victories. Smith believes that she and Birch are currently playing well and have the potential to cause upsets in the tournament.

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The Significance of Competing at Home

Competing in a home tournament holds a special place for Smith. She appreciates the atmosphere and the support of their families in the crowd, which motivates them to perform their best. While they don’t have any specific performance goals, Smith emphasizes the importance of displaying good character on the court. Their ability to fight and turn the match around is key, as they prepare for the busy qualification period for Paris starting in May.


Lauren Smith is eagerly anticipating the YONEX All England Open, where she will compete in mixed doubles and women’s doubles. With Marcus Ellis back in action and their renewed partnership with Chloe Birch, Smith is determined to make a positive impact on the tournament. The support of the home crowd adds to the excitement, and Smith looks forward to exhibiting her character and building on their performances. Fans can secure their tickets for the 2023 YONEX All England Open now to witness the action firsthand.