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NEWS: Rugby & District Badminton Association Receives Support from YONEX All England Legacy Fund

Rugby & District Badminton Association has recently received support from the YONEX All England Legacy Fund to promote the growth and development of badminton in the region. Spearheaded by the dedicated badminton coach, Steve Turner, the funding has had a significant impact on players of all ages, enhancing their experience and opportunities within the sport.

Badminton England, the governing body for badminton in the country, commends the success of Rugby & District Badminton Association and the launch of Rugby Badminton Coaching. This serves as a prime example of how accessible funding can transform and foster the badminton community.

Target: Expanding Rugby & District Badminton Association

With a growing demand for more sessions and court time, Rugby & District Badminton Association turned to Badminton England for assistance. The primary objective was to expand the club and provide additional opportunities to players, particularly juniors, as this is a top priority for Badminton England.

Delivery: Making the Vision a Reality

To accommodate the club’s capacity constraints, an initial grant of £250 was provided, facilitating court hire until the launch of a new adult beginner session. Furthermore, an additional financial package of £400 was allocated to support the formation of a junior club, with sessions commencing at the beginning of the new school year. This grant covers all start-up costs for the newly established junior section of Rugby & District Badminton Association.

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Throughout the process, Badminton England has collaborated closely with Steve Turner, offering invaluable insights, support, and guidance, ensuring the success of the project.

Results: Enhancing Opportunities for All

The additional funding has enabled Steve and Rugby Badminton Coaching to achieve their goals of providing more court time for both adults and children. With the successful implementation of new sessions, people from all backgrounds and age groups now have improved access to badminton.

Under Steve’s leadership, Rugby Badminton Coaching has been running adult beginners sessions for a year, and the junior sessions have recently been launched. These developments highlight the positive impact of the YONEX All England Legacy Fund and the commitment of Badminton England to promote and expand the sport.

According to Alex Lane, Area Relationship Manager for Badminton England, the support received by clubs like Rugby & District Badminton Association is instrumental in expanding their programs. Furthermore, the creation of a new junior club demonstrates Badminton England’s focus on providing enhanced opportunities for young people in the years to come.


Q: How has Rugby & District Badminton Association benefited from the YONEX All England Legacy Fund?

A: Rugby & District Badminton Association has received financial support from the YONEX All England Legacy Fund, enabling the club to expand its offerings and enhance the badminton experience for players of all ages.

Q: What were the objectives of expanding Rugby & District Badminton Association?

A: The primary objectives were to meet the increasing demand for more sessions and court time and to establish a new junior section, providing greater access to badminton for young people.

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Q: How was the expansion of Rugby & District Badminton Association facilitated?

A: The club received an initial grant of £250 for court hire and an additional financial package of £400 to cover start-up costs for the new junior section. Badminton England provided invaluable support and guidance throughout the process.


Rugby & District Badminton Association has been fortunate to receive support from the YONEX All England Legacy Fund, enabling the expansion of the club and the creation of new opportunities for players. Through financial assistance and guidance from Badminton England, Rugby Badminton Coaching has successfully launched adult beginner sessions and a junior club. The additional funding has allowed for increased court time and more inclusive access to badminton for all. This proactive approach by Badminton England demonstrates their commitment to developing the sport and providing enhanced opportunities for players in the future. To learn more and participate, visit the official website of Rugby Badminton Coaching.