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Lee Zii Jia Shocks the World: Defeating Kento Momota at YONEX All England

Lee Zii Jia’s victory over Kento Momota at the YONEX All England quarter-finals has sent shockwaves through the badminton world. The Malaysian player, who had never beaten Momota before, utilized his in-depth knowledge of the Japanese star’s game to secure a remarkable win. After studying Momota’s playing style for years, Lee implemented his strategies flawlessly on the court, showcasing his precision and skill.

In their previous six encounters, Lee had been unable to overcome the world champion, but this time was different. Lee’s dedication to analyzing Momota’s game paid off, as he executed his plan to perfection. Reflecting on his triumph, Lee expressed his joy, stating, “I’ve never beaten him before, so this is a very special moment for me.”

Lee Zii Jia’s performance at the YONEX All England Open has drawn comparisons to the legendary Lee Chong Wei. Last year, on his tournament debut, Lee reached the semi-finals, defeating Chen Long along the way. With his near-faultless display in the quarter-finals against Momota, many expect him to lift the trophy and possibly emulate his compatriot’s four-time victory.

The match between Lee Zii Jia and Kento Momota was intense, with both players showcasing their exceptional skills. Lee’s superior movement and strategic play ultimately gave him the edge. In the first game, he surged ahead, winning seven consecutive points and ultimately taking it 21-16. In the second game, Lee continued to dominate, establishing an 11-6 lead at the break. Despite a tense ending, Lee secured victory, winning by a close margin of 21-19.

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Lee Zii Jia’s journey has not been without its challenges. He struggled during the Asian Leg of the BWF World Tour, facing early exits in both the YONEX Thailand Open and the Toyota Thailand Open. The pressure of being considered one of the best in the top ten world rankings took a toll on him. However, he persevered, working on his mental fortitude and overcoming his doubts.

Looking ahead, Lee Zii Jia’s path to the final has become clearer. He is set to face Mark Caljouw from the Netherlands in the semi-finals. This rising star’s impressive performance at the YONEX All England has solidified his place among the badminton elite, and fans can expect to see more of him in the future.


Q: How many times has Lee Zii Jia played against Kento Momota before this victory?
A: Lee Zii Jia had faced Kento Momota on six previous occasions, but this is his first win against the world champion.

Q: How did Lee Zii Jia prepare for his match against Kento Momota?
A: Lee spent years studying Momota’s game and formulating strategies to counter his playstyle. His dedication and meticulous preparation paid off in their recent encounter.

Q: How does Lee Zii Jia’s performance at the YONEX All England compare to Lee Chong Wei’s achievements?
A: Lee Zii Jia’s performance has drawn comparisons to the legendary Lee Chong Wei, who won the YONEX All England Open four times. With his remarkable display, Lee Zii Jia is on track to achieve similar success.

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Lee Zii Jia’s sensational victory over Kento Momota at the YONEX All England has made headlines in the badminton world. After studying Momota’s game for years, Lee’s knowledge and preparation paid off as he emerged victorious. This triumph marks a significant moment in Lee’s career, as he had never beaten Momota before. Drawing comparisons to the legendary Lee Chong Wei, Lee Zii Jia’s exceptional performance has positioned him as a rising star in the sport. Despite facing difficulties in previous tournaments, Lee’s mental fortitude and determination have propelled him to this remarkable achievement. Badminton enthusiasts eagerly await his future matches, as Lee Zii Jia continues to make his mark on the sport.