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BWF Olympics: Weng Hong Yang’s Journey and Aspirations

Weng Hong Yang, a talented 24-year-old Chinese badminton player, has recently been compared to the legendary Lin Dan, a two-time Olympic gold medalist. But how does Weng handle such high expectations? Surprisingly, he remains unfazed and focused on carving his own path in the sport.

A Mentoring Bond

Despite the comparisons, Weng maintains a strong bond with Lin Dan, who offers guidance and support beyond the realm of badminton. They share conversations about life, friendship, and occasionally seek advice before Weng’s matches. Lin Dan’s words of wisdom and inspiration drive Weng to perform at his best on the court.

Weng acknowledges the significant role that Lin Dan has played in his development as a player, drawing inspiration from his matches and learning valuable lessons along the way. Nevertheless, Weng is determined to establish his own identity in the sport rather than being defined solely by the comparison to his idol.

Ups and Downs

Weng’s journey has seen its fair share of challenges and setbacks. Following his Korea Open victory last year, he faced a series of early exits in tournaments. However, Weng’s resilience shone through as he fought back from losing positions to secure victories against top players such as Kento Momota and Anthony Sinisuka Ginting.

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Admitting that he is a work in progress, Weng acknowledges the areas where he aims to improve. He strives to maintain composure during critical moments and continuously works on enhancing his mental strength and fighting spirit. Weng’s determination is evident as he refuses to surrender easily to his opponents, demanding that they put in the effort to defeat him.

Learning from Legends

In addition to Lin Dan’s guidance, Weng now has the privilege of learning from another badminton legend, Chen Long, the Rio 2016 gold medalist who assists China’s men’s singles players in training. Chen Long’s experience and insights have proven invaluable for Weng and his teammates.

With the wisdom and mentorship of two badminton greats, Weng feels confident and ready to pursue his ambitions. His immediate goal is to secure a spot at the Asian Games in Hangzhou, China, followed by a focus on accumulating Olympic qualifying points for the dream of competing at Paris 2024.

A Challenging Journey

Weng recognizes the tough competition within his own ranks. He faces stiff competition from his compatriots Shi Yu Qi and Li Shi Feng, who are also vying for the coveted Olympic spot in France next year. Weng understands the magnitude of the challenge but remains determined to give his all in this race.

Acknowledging the importance of teamwork, Weng acknowledges that every shuttler dreams of participating in the Olympics. The competition is fierce, but Weng is no different in his aspiration to represent his country and make his mark on the world stage.

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As Weng Hong Yang continues on his badminton journey, he remains focused, determined, and inspired by the legends who have mentored him. With their guidance and his own unwavering dedication, Weng is poised to leave his own lasting legacy in the sport he loves.


Q: How did Weng Hong Yang respond to being compared to Lin Dan?
A: Weng is not bothered by the comparison and aims to establish his own identity as a player.

Q: Who has mentored Weng Hong Yang in his badminton career?
A: Weng receives guidance and support from both Lin Dan and Chen Long, two badminton legends.

Q: What are Weng Hong Yang’s goals for the future?
A: Weng aims to participate in the Asian Games in Hangzhou and accumulate Olympic qualifying points for Paris 2024.

Q: Who are Weng Hong Yang’s competitors for an Olympic spot?
A: Weng faces competition from his fellow Chinese shuttlers Shi Yu Qi and Li Shi Feng for a ticket to France next year.

Q: How determined is Weng Hong Yang to compete in the Olympics?
A: Weng shares the same desire as any other shuttler to participate in the Olympics and is fully committed to securing his place.


Weng Hong Yang, a rising badminton talent, has been compared to the legendary Lin Dan. However, Weng remains focused on establishing his own unique identity in the sport. With guidance from both Lin Dan and Chen Long, Weng draws inspiration and valuable insights as he navigates the ups and downs of his career. Despite facing challenges, Weng’s determination remains unwavering as he strives to improve his skills and mental strength. With dreams of participating in the Asian Games and accumulating Olympic qualifying points, Weng is determined to leave his mark on the badminton world.

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