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The TOTAL BWF World Championships 2019 in Basel, Switzerland welcomed two prominent figures from the sporting world to witness the finals. IOC President and Olympic champion Thomas Bach, along with five-time Grand Slam singles tennis champion Martina Hingis, graced the event with their presence.

Bach participated in official ceremonies before the medal matches and was courtside for the women’s doubles and singles finals. Hingis, a fellow Yonex athlete, was there to congratulate Kento Momota after his victory in the men’s singles event.

For Bach, this was a great way to kick off the summer season of sports after a short break. He was especially impressed by the all-Japanese women’s doubles final and expressed his optimism for a thrilling Olympic competition next year.

President Bach has always held a soft spot for badminton and spoke highly of the sport. He praised the brilliant performances and the potential for continued growth globally. This year’s World Championships also marked the simultaneous hosting of the Para Badminton World Championships, a significant milestone for the sport.

President Poul-Erik Høyer of the BWF thanked Bach for his attendance and stated that it had been a successful week for badminton in Basel. He acknowledged the immense potential of the sport and congratulated the world champions on their achievements. Høyer also wished all athletes the best of luck in their journey to qualify for the Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games.

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With all roads leading to Tokyo 2020, Bach expressed his excitement for the upcoming badminton competition. He highlighted the promising Japanese athletes and their strong performances, anticipating full support from the home crowd. Bach also emphasized the growing global interest in badminton, especially after the successful showing at Rio 2016, and expects even greater enthusiasm for the sport at Tokyo 2020.


Q: Who were the notable figures present at the TOTAL BWF World Championships 2019 finals?
A: IOC President Thomas Bach and tennis champion Martina Hingis were present at the finals of the World Championships.

Q: What did IOC President Bach say about the all-Japanese women’s doubles final?
A: Bach described the match as amazing and expressed hope for a brilliant Olympic competition next year, citing the impressive performance of the Japanese doubles pairs.


The TOTAL BWF World Championships 2019 in Basel witnessed the presence of IOC President Thomas Bach and tennis champion Martina Hingis. Bach expressed his admiration for badminton and its potential for growth globally, while Hingis was there to support her fellow Yonex athlete, Kento Momota. The event showcased the brilliance of the world champions and marked a significant milestone with the simultaneous hosting of the Para Badminton World Championships. With all eyes now on Tokyo 2020, Bach expects an exceptional badminton competition, fueled by the promising Japanese athletes and the growing worldwide interest in the sport.

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