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News: Sharon Jones-Barnes Finds Healing and Joy in Badminton

Sharon Jones-Barnes discovered a new lease on life through badminton after a traumatic experience. Following a stroke and paralysis resulting from a lower leg amputation, Jones-Barnes turned to the sport as a form of therapy. Participating in international competitions since 2011, she has overcome numerous challenges along the way.

During her recent second WH2 women’s singles Group A match against Ilaria Renggli, Jones-Barnes shared her journey. “I spent two years in a specialized hospital for spinal injuries in England,” she said. “Initially, I had no mobility, but with consistent effort, I gradually regained movement in my body and arms. Doctors and nurses encouraged me to stay active, and that’s when I discovered badminton. It has brought so much joy and meaning to my life.”

Jones-Barnes has not only become an accomplished player, but she also extends her passion for the sport to others. As a coach at the Black Arrows Badminton Club, she imparts her knowledge and skills to children aged five to 11 and even university-level players. “Teaching all over London is a fulfilling experience for me,” she explained. “I want to share the happiness that badminton brings and help others thrive. The principles and tactics of the game apply to everyone, regardless of physical abilities. My dream is to coach a player who will compete in the Paris 2024 Paralympic Games.”

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Q: How did badminton help Sharon Jones-Barnes heal?

A: After a stroke and paralysis, Jones-Barnes started playing badminton as a form of therapy. The sport allowed her to regain mobility and brought joy and purpose back into her life.

Q: What age group does Sharon Jones-Barnes coach?

A: Sharon Jones-Barnes coaches children aged five to 11 at the Black Arrows Badminton Club and also works with university-level players.

Q: What are the key tactics in badminton according to Sharon Jones-Barnes?

A: According to Sharon Jones-Barnes, positioning yourself correctly to retrieve the shuttle and setting up a smash, patience, and understanding your opponent’s moves are essential tactics in badminton.


Sharon Jones-Barnes, a survivor of a stroke and paralysis, discovered the healing power of badminton. Following years of rehabilitation, she found solace and joy in the sport, becoming an international competitor. Jones-Barnes now not only competes but also coaches able-bodied children at the Black Arrows Badminton Club. She hopes to nurture a player who will represent their country at the Paris 2024 Paralympic Games. Badminton has provided Jones-Barnes with a renewed sense of purpose and a platform to make a positive impact on others’ lives.

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