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Ayako Suzuki, Lucas Mazur, and Cheah Liek Hou recently showcased their incredible skills at the Thailand Para-Badminton International 2019, each winning two gold medals in singles and doubles finals.

Suzuki’s Dominance

Suzuki from Japan displayed remarkable dominance in the women’s singles Standing Upper (SU5) event. Her disciplined approach and unwavering determination to win gold at the Tokyo 2020 Paralympics contributed to her success. Suzuki’s opponent, Cathrine Rosengren from Denmark, struggled to match her performance, admitting to making too many mistakes.

Mazur’s Journey

Lucas Mazur’s performance in the men’s singles SL4 category proved his worth as a world-class player. Despite doubting himself after his opponent retired due to injury at Basel, Mazur demonstrated his consistency and talent in Bangkok. He only dropped one game throughout the tournament. Mazur and his mixed doubles partner Faustine Noel also secured the SL3-SU5 title, showcasing their skill and determination.

Cheah’s Expertise

Malaysia’s Cheah Liek Hou, the men’s singles SU5 world champion in 2017, faced tough competition from Indonesia’s Dheva Anrimusthi at Basel this year. However, in Thailand, Cheah showcased his expertise by defeating Fang Jen-Yu from Chinese Taipei. Later, Cheah and Mohd. Faris Ahmad Azri denied Thailand a gold medal in the men’s doubles SU5 category.

Short-Lived Joy

Krishna Nagar experienced mixed emotions at the tournament. He won the men’s singles Short Stature (SS6) gold by defeating Hong Kong’s Chu Man Kai. However, his happiness was short-lived as he lost the men’s doubles shortly after. Nagar and his partner Raja Magotra were defeated by Chu Man Kai and Wong Chun Yim, highlighting the challenges faced by athletes who participate in both singles and doubles events.

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These exceptional athletes demonstrated their skill, determination, and strength throughout the tournament, reminding us of the level of talent present in para-badminton. Congratulations to all the winners!


Q: Who won the most gold medals at the Thailand Para-Badminton International 2019?
A: Ayako Suzuki, Lucas Mazur, and Cheah Liek Hou all won two gold medals each.

Q: Did Lucas Mazur doubt his men’s singles SL4 world title?
A: Yes, he had doubts after his opponent retired due to injury at Basel. However, his performance in Bangkok proved his worth.

Q: Who defeated Cheah Liek Hou at Basel this year?
A: Indonesia’s Dheva Anrimusthi defeated Cheah Liek Hou at Basel.


The Thailand Para-Badminton International 2019 showcased the incredible talent and determination of athletes from around the world. Ayako Suzuki, Lucas Mazur, and Cheah Liek Hou, along with other participants, gave their all, making the tournament a thrilling and unforgettable experience. As para-badminton continues to grow in popularity, we can expect to witness more extraordinary performances in the future.

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