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Belgium and Hong Kong China Win Gold in Para Badminton International 2023

Belgium’s To Man Kei and Hong Kong China’s Chan Ho Yuen achieved an unexpected victory, winning the gold medal as WH1-WH2 mixed doubles partners at the Thailand Para Badminton International 2023 in Pattaya. The duo’s success came as a pleasant surprise, given their friendship and the formidable competition they faced.

Overcoming Initial Doubts

To Man Kei admits to feeling daunted at first. He acknowledges that Chan is an exceptional player with impressive speed, which made him question his ability to keep up. However, the pair quickly found their rhythm and developed a winning strategy. They communicated effectively on the court, discussing their game plan and listening to each other’s insights. This collaborative approach proved to be the key to their victory.

The Distinct Challenges of Mixed Doubles

Chan Ho Yuen, who is ranked third in WH2 men’s singles, emphasizes the uniqueness of mixed doubles. Contrary to popular belief, excelling in singles does not guarantee success in doubles. The dynamics, strategies, and gameplay in mixed doubles differ significantly from those in individual events. This highlights the skill and adaptability required to excel in both disciplines.

Exciting Showdown in Men’s Doubles

Korea’s Choi Jung Man and Kim Jungjun clinched the gold medal in WH1-WH2 men’s doubles after a thrilling battle against Paralympic champions Qu Zimo and Mai Jianpeng from China. The match went down to the wire, with Choi and Kim emerging victorious with a score of 21-17, 14-21, 21-17. This victory showcased the perseverance and strength of the Korean duo, despite their age.

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Choi (left) turned the tables on Qu in doubles.

Liu Yutong Claims WH2 Women’s Singles Gold

China’s Liu Yutong triumphed in the WH2 women’s singles category. She showcased her skill and determination by defeating her teammate, Li Hongyan, with a score of 21-14, 21-10. Liu expressed her excitement at returning to competition after a break, but also acknowledged the pressure of facing opponents who have improved significantly. This victory marks Liu as a formidable competitor in the para badminton circuit.

Daiki Kajiwara’s Strategic Victory

In the thrilling WH2 men’s singles final, Japan’s Daiki Kajiwara emerged as the victor against Korean player Sooyoung Yu, with a score of 22-20, 21-13. Kajiwara recognized Yu’s power on the court and chose to employ a strategy that played to his strengths. He focused on long rallies to wear down his opponent and ultimately secure the win. Kajiwara’s sights are now set on the Paris 2024 Paralympics, where he aims to achieve gold in both singles and doubles events.

Kajiwara racks up the wins.

Japan’s Sarina Satomi Shines

Sarina Satomi, representing Japan, showcased her dominance in the women’s events by securing two gold medals. She defeated To Man Kei in the WH1 women’s singles, with a score of 21-17, 21-12. Satomi then teamed up with Yuma Yamazaki to win the WH1-WH2 women’s doubles, overcoming the strong duo of Liu and Yin Menglu with a score of 14-21, 22-20, 21-17. Satomi’s exceptional performance contributed to Japan’s overall success in the tournament.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. How did Belgium and Hong Kong China perform in the Para Badminton International 2023?

Belgium’s To Man Kei and Hong Kong China’s Chan Ho Yuen surprised everyone with their gold medal win in the WH1-WH2 mixed doubles category at the Thailand Para Badminton International 2023.

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2. Which players stood out in the men’s doubles competition?

Korea’s Choi Jung Man and Kim Jungjun showcased their skills by defeating Paralympic champions Qu Zimo and Mai Jianpeng from China to win the WH1-WH2 men’s doubles gold.

3. Who claimed victory in the women’s singles event?

China’s Liu Yutong emerged as the champion in the WH2 women’s singles category after defeating her teammate, Li Hongyan.


The Para Badminton International 2023 in Pattaya witnessed intense competition and exceptional performances from athletes around the world. Belgium’s To Man Kei and Hong Kong China’s Chan Ho Yuen’s unexpected gold medal win in the mixed doubles showcased the power of teamwork. Players like Liu Yutong, Daiki Kajiwara, and Sarina Satomi demonstrated their skill, determination, and strategic prowess, leaving a lasting impression on badminton enthusiasts worldwide. Looking ahead, these athletes are poised to make an impact in future tournaments, representing the spirit of sportsmanship and competitive excellence.

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