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BWF Olympics: Road to Paris 2024

Three months remain for Olympic hopefuls to secure their spots for the highly anticipated Paris 2024 Olympics. The qualification period, which began on May 1, 2023, has brought forth intense competition among players striving to prove their mettle. As the clock ticks closer to its end on April 28, 2024, the Finnish International (Future Series) will mark the final opportunity for athletes to stake their claim.

Building Ranking Points on the HSBC BWF World Tour

For elite players on the HSBC BWF World Tour, the months of January and March hold several opportunities to accumulate crucial ranking points. January witnessed high-stakes matches in the Super 1000 (PETRONAS Malaysia Open), Super 750 (YONEX SUNRISE India Open), Super 500 (DAIHATSU Indonesia Masters), and Super 300 (PRINCESS SIRIVANNAVARI Thailand Masters) events.

February, however, is relatively quieter on the World Tour, with the focus shifting towards continental team championships and individual championships in Africa and Oceania. As February draws to a close, the YONEX German Open 2024 takes center stage in Europe, marking the beginning of six consecutive weeks of back-to-back tournaments.

The YONEX French Open 2024, a Super 750 test event for Paris 2024, is followed by the Orleans Masters 2024 (Super 300), YONEX All England Open 2024 (Super 1000), YONEX Swiss Open 2024 (Super 300), and the Madrid Spain Masters 2024 (Super 300). These tournaments serve as crucial battlegrounds for players aiming to secure their positions at the grandest stage of badminton.

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The Dominant Players: A League of Their Own

Viktor Axelsen, An Se Young, Chen Qing Chen/Jia Yi Fan, and Zheng Si Wei/Huang Ya Qiong have emerged as the most dominant players in recent years. These exceptional athletes have created significant distances between themselves and their competitors, firmly establishing their positions atop the Race to Paris rankings.

Liang Wei Keng/Wang Chang set themselves apart in the highly competitive men’s doubles category by amassing over 5,000 points more than their closest challengers. Their remarkable form towards the end of 2023 propelled them to a commanding lead.

An sits comfortably at the top of the standings.

Intense Races: Teammates Eyeing Top Spots

Apart from the overall rankings, intense races among highly-ranked teammates add another layer of excitement. National Olympic Committees have strict regulations, allowing only two players or pairs to qualify if they are ranked in the top 16 of singles or top eight of doubles in the Race to Paris.

One such example is the jostling between Chou Tien Chen and Lin Chun-Yi from Chinese Taipei. Chou, who experienced a dip in form, faces stiff competition from Lin, who has shown significant improvement. Notably, Lin achieved a semifinal finish at the Malaysia Open, setting the stage for an intriguing battle for the top two spots.

Similar scenarios arise with Lee Zii Jia (No.10) and Ng Tze Yong (No.15) from Malaysia, Toma Junior Popov (No.24) and Christo Popov (No.26), both from France, and Lakshya Sen (No.19) and Kidambi Srikanth (No.25) representing India. These athletes are vying for the second spot behind HS Prannoy in their respective countries.

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In women’s singles, the fight for China’s second spot is likely to be a closely contested affair between He Bing Jiao (No.6) and Han Yue (No.8). In Thailand, Supanida Katethong (No.16) and Pornpawee Chochuwong (No.17) find themselves neck-and-neck in the rankings.

Lee and Ng could both qualify for Malaysia.

Doubles Races: Battling for Continental Spots

The doubles categories witness some intense battles for coveted continental spots. In women’s doubles, young sensations Liu Sheng Shu/Tan Ning (No.3) hold a narrow lead over Zhang Shu Xian/Zheng Yu (No.6). Meanwhile, Mayu Matsumoto/Wakana Nagahara (No.7) from Japan have surged ahead of Yuki Fukushima/Sayaka Hirota due to the latter’s injury-induced absence since early December.

Further down the rankings, the competition heats up as Canada’s Catherine Choi/Josephine Wu (No.33) aim to surpass their counterparts from the United States, Annie Xu/Kerry Xu (No.29), for the Pan Am continental spot. Each doubles category guarantees at least one pair from each of the five Continental Confederations a place at the Olympics.

In mixed doubles, Wu and her partner Ty Alexander Lindeman (No.32) remain in contention behind the American duo Vinson Chiu/Jennie Gai (No.30). The pressure is on Korea’s second pair, Kim Won Ho/Jeong Na Eun, as they cling to the eighth spot in the rankings, knowing that slipping beyond it could be detrimental to their Olympic aspirations.

A mini-race to keep an eye on takes place between Rinov Rivaldy/Pitha Haningtyas Mentari (No.15) and Dejan Ferdinansyah/Gloria Emanuelle Widjaja (No.21) from Indonesia, as they battle for a spot in the Olympic Games.

Wu stands to make it in two disciplines.


Here are some frequently asked questions regarding the Road to Paris 2024:

  1. When does the qualification period for the Olympics end?
    The qualification period concludes on April 28, 2024, with the Finnish International (Future Series) marking its end.

  2. Which tournaments offer opportunities to earn ranking points?
    Players can accumulate ranking points in various tournaments on the HSBC BWF World Tour, with January and March presenting several opportunities.

  3. Who are the frontrunners in the Race to Paris rankings?
    Viktor Axelsen, An Se Young, Chen Qing Chen/Jia Yi Fan, and Zheng Si Wei/Huang Ya Qiong have established significant leads in their respective categories.

  4. What are the requirements for teammates wanting to qualify for the Olympics?
    National Olympic Committees have restrictions that allow only two players or pairs per category if both are ranked in the top 16 for singles or top eight for doubles.

  5. Which doubles races are particularly intense?
    Women’s doubles showcases heated races among Liu Sheng Shu/Tan Ning, Zhang Shu Xian/Zheng Yu, and Mayu Matsumoto/Wakana Nagahara, while mixed doubles sees competitive battles between pairs from various countries.

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The Road to Paris 2024 is entering its final stretch, intensifying the competition among badminton players worldwide. As Olympic hopefuls strive to cement their positions, every tournament becomes a battleground, with athletes pushing their limits to earn their chance to represent their countries and make their mark in history.

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