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Carnegiecentre: Celebrating Para Badminton Achievements

An Exciting Start to 2024 for Rosa Efomo De Marco and Rogerio Junior Xavier De Oliveira

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Rosa Efomo De Marco, an Italian Para badminton player, has had an impressive start to 2024. She clinched her first-ever title at the Egypt Para Badminton International, along with two silver medals, in January. Furthermore, De Marco also cleared the group stage at her third Para Badminton World Championships, breaking yet another barrier in her career.

De Marco expressed her elation after her 21-6 21-6 victory over Diana Rojas Golac in the SU5 women’s singles, finishing as the runner-up in Group E behind fifth seed Mamiko Toyoda. She said, “This is my moment to shine. I can’t tell you how happy I am. I’m overwhelmed with emotions. I’ve been working hard for this moment. Finally, I did it!”

Additionally, De Marco’s performance has strengthened her position on the Race to Paris rankings, which is key to her qualification for future events. Her coach emphasized the significance of winning, not only for progressing to the next round but also for earning qualification points.

De Marco embarked on her Para badminton journey in 2019, having discovered the sport while attending school the previous year. She was immediately captivated and felt a profound desire to play. The COVID-19 pandemic provided her with the opportunity to train extensively, which contributed to her growth as a player. De Marco also made adjustments to her game, working on her stroke variety by opening up her shoulders, allowing her to present a more unpredictable style to her opponents.

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In the men’s singles category, Rogerio Junior Xavier De Oliveira from Brazil has made it through to the last 16 after becoming the top performer in Group H after three attempts. De Oliveira has set his sights on securing a medal and accumulating as many points as possible for Paris 2024. He showcased his excitement after defeating Dilan Jacobsson 21-16 19-21 21-10, stating, “I’m improving all the time. When I beat Hikmat Ramdani in the second match, I was so happy. He’s one of the best players in the world. I’ll celebrate tonight by eating something delicious. My favorite is chicken, beans, and rice.”

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Q: How long has Rosa Efomo De Marco been playing Para badminton?
A: De Marco started playing Para badminton in 2019 after discovering the sport at school.

Q: What adjustments has De Marco made to her game?
A: De Marco has opened up her shoulders to vary her strokes, making her game more unpredictable for her opponents.

Q: What are Rogerio Junior Xavier De Oliveira’s goals for Paris 2024?
A: De Oliveira aims to secure a medal and collect as many points as possible for Paris 2024.


Rosa Efomo De Marco and Rogerio Junior Xavier De Oliveira have showcased their remarkable skills and determination in the world of Para badminton. De Marco’s recent victories and breakthrough at the Para Badminton World Championships demonstrate her progress and resilience. De Oliveira’s strong performance and ambitions for Paris 2024 highlight his dedication and pursuit of excellence. As we celebrate their achievements, let us continue to support and encourage the growth of Para badminton worldwide.

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