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Tokyo Para Badminton International 2019: A Glimpse into the Future of Para Badminton

The HULIC DAIHATSU Japan Para Badminton International 2019 kicked off in Tokyo, setting the stage for the Tokyo 2020 Paralympics. The players expressed their excitement and shared their experiences on the first day of the event.

Impressive Venue, Tough Challenges

Chan Ho Yuen from Hong Kong China emphasized the importance of having a keen sense of shuttle movement in a large and noisy space like the Yoyogi Gymnasium. Celine Aurelie Vinot from Australia also praised the venue, mentioning that it was one of the biggest she had ever played in, though the bright lights posed a challenge.

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Players Making a Comeback

India’s Tarun Tarun attempted a comeback after missing out on the World Championships title in Basel 2019. Unfortunately, he had to retire due to an injury in the second game. Tarun, however, remains optimistic and aims to be fully fit for his next tournament in February 2020.

Yuma Yamazaki from Japan, who recently won the Victor Denmark Para Badminton International 2019, also made a strong comeback and showcased good form during the event.

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Exciting Matches and Intense Competition

In the women’s singles categories, Yamazaki and her wheelchair doubles partner Sarina Satomi triumphed in hard-fought matches against strong opponents. Satomi revealed that she feels some pressure after winning the World Championships but remains focused on her matches.

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Belgium’s To Man-Kei and Israel’s Nina Gorodetzky engaged in a mentally challenging battle in their women’s singles WH1 matchup. To emerged victorious after a tough fight and expressed her relief at not repeating her previous loss to Gorodetzky.

A special way to celebrate turning 18 for Kajiwara.

Rising Stars and Surprising Results

Daiki KAJIWARA from Japan celebrated his 18th birthday with an impressive performance, winning three matches. He showcased his skills in both singles and doubles events.

Several seeded players faced tough competition but managed to secure victories in their respective categories. Notable matches included Israel’s Amir Levi losing to China’s Mai Jianpeng and Korea’s Kim Kyung Hoon falling to China’s Zhao Xin in thrilling three-game encounters.

Embracing the Stadium Experience

Players couldn’t help but express their excitement at playing in the stadium that will host the Paralympics next year. Brazil’s Vitor Goncalves Tavares described it as a “wow” feeling and expressed his love for the spacious venue and the anticipated cheering from the crowd.


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The HULIC DAIHATSU Japan Para Badminton International 2019 provided a preview of the upcoming Tokyo 2020 Paralympics. The players showcased their skills, expressed their enthusiasm, and faced tough competition in this highly anticipated event. Stay tuned for more exciting matches and updates from the world of para badminton.

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