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They may have had different experiences in their first Olympics at Tokyo 2020, but Liu Yu Chen of China and Canadian Nyl Yakura are optimistic about their chances in the next Summer Games in Paris, despite having new partners.

New Opportunities for Liu and Yakura

Liu, who won a silver medal in men’s doubles with Li Jun Hui three years ago, is now playing alongside Ou Xuan Yi. Currently, they are ranked seventh in the Race to Paris standings. On the other hand, Yakura and Adam Dong are in the 14th qualifying position.

Liu reflects on his partnership with Ou, saying, “It’s been challenging, but that’s all part of the process of playing at two Olympics with different partners.” While Liu and Li reached world No.1 in 2017 and became world champions a year later, Liu believes that there’s plenty to look forward to with Ou. They have already won four titles together, including the World Tour Finals in 2022.

Similarly, Yakura is adapting to playing with Dong after his previous partnership with Jason Anthony Ho-Shue. Yakura explains, “They are different personalities. We still need to see how we are on and off the court, and this would be different from how Jason and I were.” Yakura and Dong won the Pan Am Championships and Panamerican Games last year, and they are still trying to find their playing style and how they can best work together.

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Focus on the Journey

Looking back on his Tokyo experience, Yakura shares his resolution of wanting to “enjoy it this time.” He admits that nerves and excitement got to him in his last Olympics, and the months leading up to the Games can be stressful. Yakura emphasizes the importance of reminding each other to enjoy the process and not get too caught up in the pressure.

Liu and Ou
Liu and Ou have complemented each other well.

Looking Ahead

Both Liu and Yakura are focused on the upcoming Olympics in Paris. They understand the challenges ahead but are determined to take it one match at a time. Liu states, “These Olympics will be hard, but it’s important to get to the start line fit and healthy. I don’t want to think too far ahead about goals.” Yakura adds, “We are still trying to find our style and how we are supposed to play together.”

Dong and Yakura
Dong and Yakura in action at the Indonesia Masters last month.


Q: Who are Liu Yu Chen’s and Nyl Yakura’s new partners for the upcoming Olympics?
A: Liu is playing with Ou Xuan Yi, while Yakura is partnering with Adam Dong.

Q: How did Liu and Li perform in their previous partnership?
A: Liu and Li reached world No.1 in 2017 and became world champions a year later.

Q: What is Yakura’s resolution for the upcoming Olympics?
A: Yakura’s resolution is to “enjoy it this time” and not let nerves and excitement overcome him.

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Liu Yu Chen and Nyl Yakura are ready to take on the challenge of the upcoming Olympics in Paris. With their new partners, they are determined to find success and continue their journey in the world of badminton. By focusing on the present and enjoying the process, they aim to make their mark in the sport and create memorable moments on the court. To follow their journey, visit Carnegiecentre.