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Rachel Choong: Ambassador for Para Badminton at Tokyo 2020 Paralympics

Rachel Choong, a three-time women’s singles SH6 (Short Stature) world champion, has been passionate about badminton from a young age. Her love for the sport is evident in her beaming smile whenever badminton is mentioned. In a recent interview, Choong took some time to talk about her upcoming role at the Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games and her excitement for the inclusion of Para badminton in the event.

A Leap for Para Badminton

Choong, a Para shuttler from England, will be taking on a commentary role for the host broadcaster, the Olympic Broadcasting Service. She expressed her excitement for this opportunity, admitting that she has already started losing sleep due to her anticipation. Choong sees this role as a chance to add some flair to the coverage and hopes to do justice to the commentary.

The sport of Para badminton has come a long way over the years. Choong reminisces about playing in tournaments in old, rundown sports halls. Today, the sport has transformed, with top venues, arenas, and facilities available for players. The progress made by Para badminton is undeniable, and its long-awaited debut in Tokyo is a testament to that.

Propelling the Sport Forward

The inclusion of Para badminton in the Paralympic Games is seen as a catalyst for the sport’s growth and development. Choong is thrilled about this milestone, as she has been involved in Para badminton since 2008. She recognizes the efforts made by the Badminton World Federation (BWF) to push for the sport’s inclusion and is delighted that Para badminton will finally get the exposure it deserves.

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Cheer for Friends and Rivalries

Apart from her own role, Choong is looking forward to supporting her friends and witnessing their performances on the biggest stage. She mentions Catherine Rosengren as one of her good friends and believes she will do well in Tokyo. Another player to watch out for is Lucas Mazur from France, who has dominated his event consistently. The wheelchair category, particularly the men’s singles, promises thrilling matches with the rivalry between Kim Jungjun and Chan Ho Yuen Daniel.

Para badminton will take place from September 1-5, and fans around the world are eagerly anticipating this historic event.


Q: How long has Rachel Choong been involved in Para badminton?
A: Rachel Choong has been involved in Para badminton since 2008.

Q: Who are some players to watch out for in Para badminton at the Tokyo 2020 Paralympics?
A: Catherine Rosengren and Lucas Mazur are some of the players to keep an eye on. There is also an exciting rivalry between Kim Jungjun and Chan Ho Yuen Daniel in the men’s singles wheelchair category.


Rachel Choong’s role as a commentator for Para badminton at the Tokyo 2020 Paralympics is an exciting opportunity for her to contribute to the sport she loves. The inclusion of Para badminton in the Paralympic Games has been a long-awaited milestone that will propel the sport forward. With talented athletes and thrilling rivalries, Para badminton promises to be an unforgettable event at the Games. Let’s cheer for Rachel Choong and all the Para badminton athletes as they take center stage in Tokyo.

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