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Perseverance and Growth: Stories of Triumph at the Wheelchair Badminton Olympics

Wheelchair Badminton Olympics

Kim Jungjun and Daiki Kajiwara: A Tale of Mentorship and Progression

Kim Jungjun of Korea, the reigning world champion in men’s singles Wheelchair (WH2), offered words of encouragement to the young Japanese player, Daiki Kajiwara, after their intense semi-final match. Kim praised Kajiwara’s performance and predicted a bright future for him in the sport.

In a thrilling battle, Kajiwara impressed the local fans by maintaining a lead in the first game. However, Kim managed to equalize the score and eventually emerged as the victor. Recognizing Kajiwara’s improvement since their last encounter in Thailand, Kim commended his opponent’s enhanced stability, skills, and strategic gameplay.

Kim’s victory in the semi-final sets the stage for an exciting final against Hong Kong China’s Chan Ho Yuen on Sunday.

Lucas Mazur: Overcoming Challenges and Emerging Stronger

Lucas Mazur, the men’s Standing Lower (SL4) singles world champion from France, demonstrated his resilience after a defeat in Denmark by defeating Suhas Lalinekere Yathiraj from India in the semi-finals. Mazur credited his mental strength and determination for his comeback during the match.

Mazur, who also competes in the mixed doubles SL3-SU5 category alongside partner Faustine Noel, will face Turkey’s Iiker Tuzcu and Halime Yildiz in the finals. Both Mazur and Tuzcu had an intense day of matches, but Mazur expressed confidence in his ability to perform consistently. Mazur also acknowledged Tuzcu’s skill and recognized the potential challenge they might face in the finals.

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Tuzcu, who recently recovered from an injury, expressed his readiness to return to the court and emphasized the successful coordination between him and Yildiz in doubles matches.

More Exciting Results from the Wheelchair Badminton Olympics

In other matches, Japan’s Sarina Satomi, the WH1 world champion and world No.1, suffered a defeat against Thailand’s Sujirat Pookkam in a fiercely contested match. Yuma Yamazaki of Japan also faced defeat in the WH2 semi-finals against China’s Xu Tingting. However, both Satomi and Yamazaki are set to compete together in the WH1-2 women’s doubles finals against Liu Yutong and Yin Menglu of China.

Fujino Haruka of Japan celebrated a well-deserved victory against top seed Helle Sofie Sagoy of Norway in the SL4 women’s singles semi-finals. England’s Krysten Coombs triumphed over his teammate Jack Shephard in the Short Stature (SH6) men’s singles, earning himself a spot in the finals against India’s Krishna Nagar.

Furthermore, England’s Daniel Bethell showcased his skills in the Standing Lower (SL3) men’s singles by defeating India’s Manoj Sarkar in the semi-finals. Bethell will now face Pramod Baghat of India in the finals after a commendable performance against Japan’s Daisuke Fujihara.


Q: When is the final match between Kim Jungjun and Chan Ho Yuen?
A: The final match between Kim Jungjun from Korea and Chan Ho Yuen from Hong Kong China will take place on Sunday.

Q: Who will Lucas Mazur and Faustine Noel face in the mixed doubles SL3-SU5 finals?
A: Lucas Mazur and partner Faustine Noel will compete against Turkey’s Iiker Tuzcu and Halime Yildiz in the mixed doubles finals.

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Q: Which players will participate in the WH1-2 women’s doubles finals?
A: Japan’s Sarina Satomi and Yuma Yamazaki will face China’s Liu Yutong and Yin Menglu in the WH1-2 women’s doubles finals.

Q: Which match will determine the winner of the Short Stature (SH6) men’s singles category?
A: England’s Krysten Coombs will compete against India’s Krishna Nagar in the Short Stature (SH6) men’s singles finals.


The Wheelchair Badminton Olympics have been filled with thrilling matches, displays of resilience, and moments of triumph. From Kim Jungjun and Daiki Kajiwara’s mentorship story to Lucas Mazur’s determination, each player has shown their commitment to the sport and their pursuit of excellence. As the tournament progresses, fans eagerly anticipate the upcoming finals and the crowning of the champions.

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