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China Shines at the Thailand Para Badminton International 2023

China showcased their dominance in international para badminton by winning gold in five out of seven standing class finals. However, they faced tough competition from Malaysia and Indonesia in the doubles events at the Thailand Para Badminton International 2023 held in Pattaya.

Doubles Despair for China

In the SH6 category, Indonesia’s Rina Marlina and Subhan Subhan easily defeated China’s Lin Naili and Li Fengmei 21-16 21-10. “We adapted quickly to their style of play, and that made all the difference. We had confidence in ourselves,” Marlina said.

Meanwhile, in the SU5 men’s doubles, Cheah Liek Hou and Muhammad Fareez Anuar from Malaysia triumphed over Mingpan Li and Shi Shengzhuo from China with a score of 21-15 24-22 21-14. Cheah expressed his admiration for their opponents, saying, “Li is a talented player who works hard. It took us some time to figure them out. It’s a bit disappointing that Malaysia only secured one gold medal this time.”

Chu’s Calm Victory

In the SH6 men’s singles, Man Kai Chu from Hong Kong China, the world No.1, displayed his composure and emerged victorious with a score of 21-12 21-8 against American player Miles Krajewski. Reflecting on his win, Chu said, “Miles is fast, but my strategy always works. I stay in control of my emotions and stick to my game plan. Today, Miles seemed distracted. The key is to stay focused on yourself and your opponent. Nothing else matters in that moment.”

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China’s Triumph in Women’s Events

In the SH6 women’s doubles, Poland’s Daria Bujnicka and Oliwia Szmigiel clinched the gold medal, finishing ahead of Rachana Shaileshkumar Patel and Nithya Sre Sumathy Sivan from India. China, on the other hand, dominated the women’s singles events, securing all four gold medals.

Challenges and Aspirations

India’s Thulasimathi Murugesan gave her all in the SU5 women’s singles but fell short against Paralympic gold medalist Yang Qiuxia, losing with a score of 21-17 21-17. Reflecting on her performance, Murugesan said, “I fought hard and gave it my all. I aimed to give 100 percent, but I made some mistakes due to rushing.” She acknowledged the achievements of her compatriots and opponents but emphasized the importance of developing her own style. “I admire them all, but I have to be true to myself and not try to imitate anyone. That’s how I plan to keep moving forward,” she stated.

Redemption for Oktila

Leani Ratri Oktila from Indonesia faced a setback in the SL4 women’s singles, losing 21-13 21-18 to Cheng Hefang from China. However, Oktila found redemption in the mixed doubles event, partnering with Hikmat Ramdani. They emerged victorious with a score of 21-3 21-19 against Lucas Mazur and Faustine Noel. Oktila expressed her satisfaction with her performance, saying, “The return of the Chinese players has made the competition intense, but overall, I’m happy with my progress. My new partnership with Hikmat is working well, and I couldn’t have done it without him.” Hikmat added, “We won in Brazil and now here. We were prepared for anything and played a clean, compact game.”

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Bhagat Claims Gold

Pramod Bhagat from India secured the gold medal in the SL3 men’s singles when his opponent, Daniel Bethell from England, retired after the first game due to breathing difficulties. Bhagat expressed his disappointment at not being able to play a full match against Bethell, whom he had not beaten in a long time. Bethell explained his decision, saying, “Over the last 24 hours, I experienced labored breathing and wheezing. As much as I wanted to continue, there’s nothing more important than my health.”


  • Q: How many gold medals did China win at the Thailand Para Badminton International 2023?
    • A: China won five gold medals out of seven standing class finals.
  • Q: Who emerged as the world No.1 in the SH6 men’s singles?
    • A: Man Kai Chu from Hong Kong China is the world No.1 in the SH6 men’s singles.
  • Q: Which country dominated the women’s singles events?
    • A: China secured all four gold medals in the women’s singles events.
  • Q: Who won the SL3 men’s singles gold?
    • A: Pramod Bhagat from India won the SL3 men’s singles gold.