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They had contrasting fortunes in their debut Olympics at Tokyo 2020 but Liu Yu Chen of China and Canadian Nyl Yakura are looking good for another Summer Games in Paris, despite changing partners. Three years ago, Liu took men’s doubles silver alongside Li Jun Hui while Yakura and Jason Anthony Ho-Shue finished bottom in a tough Group D that consisted bronze medallists Aaron Chia/Soh Wooi Yik, semifinalists Mohammad Ahsan/Hendra Setiawan and Choi Sol Gyu/Seo Seung Jae. With new sidekick Ou Xuan Yi, Liu is currently seventh on the Race to Paris rankings. Yakura, on the other hand, occupies the 14th qualifying position with Adam Dong.


In their pursuit of another Olympic appearance in Paris, Liu Yu Chen of China and Nyl Yakura of Canada have overcome initial setbacks and are in good shape. Despite both athletes having partnered with different players in their debut Olympics at Tokyo 2020, they are determined to qualify for the upcoming Summer Games. Liu, who claimed the men’s doubles silver in 2017 alongside Li Jun Hui, and Yakura, who faced a tough Group D alongside partner Jason Anthony Ho-Shue, have found new partners and are working towards securing their spots in the Paris Olympics.

Liu Yu Chen: A Promising Partnership

Liu Yu Chen, now paired with Ou Xuan Yi, has adapted well to the change. Currently ranked seventh on the Race to Paris rankings, Liu and Ou have built a solid foundation in their two years together. Reflecting on his previous successful partnership with Li Jun Hui, Liu acknowledges the challenges of transitioning to a new partner but remains optimistic about their future prospects. Despite not achieving the same heights as his previous partnership, Liu and Ou have already secured four titles together, including the World Tour Finals in 2022. Liu praises Ou’s powerful smash and highlights their synchronized defense as a key strength. As they prepare for the upcoming Olympics, Liu’s focus is on maintaining their fitness and taking one match at a time.

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Nyl Yakura: Adjusting to a New Dynamic

Nyl Yakura has also embraced change by partnering with Adam Dong after his experience with Jason Anthony Ho-Shue in Tokyo. With their shared victories at the Pan Am Championships and Panamerican Games last year, Yakura and Dong are gradually finding their rhythm. The pair is still in the process of discovering their playing style and adapting to each other’s strengths and weaknesses. Yakura acknowledges the differences between his new partner and his previous one, particularly noting Dong’s left-handed playstyle. Despite the adjustments, Yakura remains positive and determined to enjoy the Olympic experience this time around. Having learned from the overwhelming pressure of his previous Olympic participation, Yakura aims to savor the moment and remind himself to embrace the joy of competing.


Q: How did Liu Yu Chen perform in his previous Olympic appearance?

A: Liu Yu Chen won the men’s doubles silver medal alongside Li Jun Hui in his previous Olympic appearance at Tokyo 2020.

Q: Who is Liu Yu Chen’s current partner?

A: Liu Yu Chen is currently partnered with Ou Xuan Yi.

Q: How is Nyl Yakura adjusting to his new partner?

A: Nyl Yakura is adapting to his new partner, Adam Dong, as they strive to find their playing style and develop a strong partnership.

Q: What is Nyl Yakura’s resolution for the upcoming Olympics?

A: Nyl Yakura aims to enjoy the Olympic experience this time and avoid the overwhelming pressure he faced in his previous participation.

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Liu Yu Chen and Nyl Yakura, despite facing challenges and changing partners, are determined to secure their spots in the Paris Olympics. Liu, now paired with Ou Xuan Yi, has already demonstrated their potential with four titles, including the World Tour Finals in 2022. Yakura, alongside Adam Dong, aims to find their playing style and build a successful partnership. Both athletes have learned from their previous Olympic experiences and are focused on enjoying the upcoming Games. With their resilience and dedication, Liu and Yakura are poised for another remarkable Olympic journey.

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