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BWF Sudirman Cup: China Clinches 13th Title with Grace and Resilience

In an impressive display of composure and skill, China secured their sixth Sudirman Cup title at home, solidifying their position as badminton powerhouses. It was a testament to their ability to handle pressure and deliver under the scrutiny of an expectant home crowd.

Rising Above the Tests

Facing a formidable Korean team, China faced moments of difficulty but emerged victorious, showcasing their resilience. One such moment occurred in the opening match, where Seo Seung Jae and Chae Yu Jung had match point against the formidable pair of Zheng Si Wei and Huang Ya Qiong. However, the mixed doubles world champions demonstrated their fighting spirit by saving match points and ultimately clinching the victory.

A One-Sided Battle

The Koreans, crestfallen after the loss in the opening match, struggled to mount a challenge in the subsequent games. Shi Yu Qi, the favorite in his match against Lee Yun Gyu, displayed his superior skill and experience, leaving no room for his opponent to turn the tide. Even An Se Young, known for her unflappable nature under pressure, was unable to rescue Korea as she faced a brilliant and controlled performance by Chen Yu Fei.

Experience and Encouragement

Reflecting on their victory, Zheng Si Wei acknowledged the role played by belief and encouragement from the crowd. This was not the first time China had to overcome match points and tough situations in the tournament. He emphasized the valuable experience gained and the need to learn from their initial setbacks.

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China: Champions for the 13th Time

With this win, China secured their 13th Sudirman Cup title, cementing their dominance in the sport. CBA President Zhang Jun lauded the team’s exceptional performance, particularly highlighting their remarkable comeback in the semifinals. This campaign will undoubtedly be remembered as one of the most memorable team efforts in badminton history.


Q: How many times has China won the Sudirman Cup?

A: China has won the Sudirman Cup 13 times, including their recent victory in 2023.

Q: Who were the standout players for China in the final?

A: Zheng Si Wei and Huang Ya Qiong, the mixed doubles world champions, displayed their fighting spirit by saving match points and securing a crucial victory for China.

Q: How did Chen Yu Fei perform in the final?

A: Chen Yu Fei delivered a brilliantly controlled performance, showcasing her skill and preventing her opponent from gaining momentum. Her exceptional play played a significant role in China’s victory.


China’s remarkable victory in the 2023 BWF Sudirman Cup demonstrated their ability to perform under pressure and overcome challenges. With their sixth title at home and 13th overall, China solidified their position as badminton powerhouses. Players like Zheng Si Wei, Huang Ya Qiong, and Chen Yu Fei exhibited exceptional skill and determination, delivering crucial wins for the team. This memorable campaign showcased the strength and resilience of the Chinese team, leaving a lasting impression on the sport.