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Much has been said about the impressive victory of Shi Yuqi over world number one Kento Momota at the TOTAL BWF Sudirman Cup 2019. Let’s dive into the details and explore how this match unfolded.

A Match to Remember

Shi Yuqi’s performance against Momota was nothing short of spectacular. After losing the first game, Shi bounced back with determination and secured a remarkable 21-5, 21-11 victory in the next two games. This win not only surprised the audience but also made history, as Shi became the first person to defeat Momota in a Sudirman Cup or Thomas Cup tie.

Shi Yuqi's impressive play against Kento Momota

Determination and Strategy

In the post-match interview, the Japan coach, Park Joo Bong, addressed the question of whether Momota could have been rested in the early Group 1A play. He explained that Momota had played continuously in the group stage, quarterfinals, and semifinals, which may have affected his recovery. Despite the coach’s considerations, Momota had to play due to the performance gap between him and Kenta Nishimoto.

Momota’s Perspective

Although Momota faced immense pressure and exhausted his efforts to recover, he admitted that Shi’s exceptional play overwhelmed him. Momota acknowledged that he was shell-shocked by his opponent’s performance and considered it a painful lesson. He credited Shi for his supreme play and recognized the need for adjustments in his own game.

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The Unexpected Outcome

Both Shi Yuqi and Momota expressed their surprise at the outcome of the match. Shi emphasized that his victory would not have been possible if Momota had played his usual game. He commended his own performance under team pressure and vowed to continue giving his best. With the support of his team, Shi was able to fight back from a game down and secure a remarkable win.

Looking Ahead

This defeat serves as a learning opportunity for Momota and the Japan team. As they return to the drawing board, they will analyze their gameplay and make the necessary adjustments to prepare for future tournaments, including the World Championships and Tokyo 2020 Olympics.


Q: Was Shi Yuqi’s victory over Kento Momota unexpected?
A: Yes, it was unexpected. Shi’s dominant performance surprised everyone, including Momota himself.

Q: What does this victory mean for Shi Yuqi?
A: This victory establishes Shi as a formidable opponent and showcases his potential for future tournaments.

Q: What are the upcoming tournaments for Momota and the Japan team?
A: Momota and the Japan team will be focusing on the World Championships and Tokyo 2020 Olympics.


Shi Yuqi’s victory over Kento Momota at the TOTAL BWF Sudirman Cup 2019 will be remembered as an extraordinary match. Both players showcased their skills and resilience, making it a thrilling experience for badminton enthusiasts worldwide. The outcome serves as a reminder that anything is possible in the world of sports, and champions can emerge from unexpected places. As we eagerly anticipate future tournaments, we can only imagine the heights that players like Shi Yuqi will reach.

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BWF Sudirman Cup is an annual international badminton championship contested by mixed teams from different countries.