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Egypt’s Journey at the BWF Sudirman Cup: Challenging but full of Opportunities

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Egypt finds themselves in Group A of the TotalEnergies BWF Sudirman Cup Finals 2023, alongside powerhouse teams like China, Denmark, and Singapore. As rank underdogs, the African continental champions face a tough challenge. However, they remain optimistic and aim to make the most out of this opportunity.

Adham Hatem Elgamal, currently ranked No.127 in men’s singles and No.58 in mixed doubles with Doha Hany, is excited to test his skills against top opponents. Playing against China, Denmark, and Singapore is a chance for him to showcase his best performance. Elgamal expresses his gratitude for being among the top 16 countries and sees this as a significant milestone for Egypt. Despite his knee injury, he is determined to participate in as many matches as possible as he eyes qualification for Paris 2024.

Doha Hany, aiming to qualify in women’s singles and mixed doubles for Paris, feels honored to compete alongside the world’s best players. The Sudirman Cup is a prestigious event, and Hany is excited to represent her country and continent. Despite the challenging group, she and her teammates are ready to compete and have prepared well for the qualification period.

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Coach Mahmoud Hafez acknowledges the tough competition and smiles sheepishly when talking about aiming for a win. The team understands that this experience will provide valuable lessons and exposure against strong teams. Hafez hopes to learn from observing the other teams, as the Race to Paris is a crucial opportunity to gain valuable points.

Nour Ahmed Youssri, ranked No.145 in women’s singles, is enthusiastic about the chance to play at such a high level. She is determined to give her best effort on the court and views this experience as valuable preparation for future tournaments in other countries.

In conclusion, Egypt’s journey at the BWF Sudirman Cup is filled with challenges but also opportunities for growth. Despite being the underdogs, the team remains positive and determined to perform at their best. They aim to gain valuable experience, learn from the top teams, and gather important points for qualification to Paris. Egypt’s participation in this prestigious tournament is a testament to their dedication and passion for the sport.


  • Q: Which teams are in Egypt’s group at the BWF Sudirman Cup Finals 2023?

  • A: Egypt is in Group A, alongside China, Denmark, and Singapore.

  • Q: What are Adham Hatem Elgamal’s rankings in men’s singles and mixed doubles?

  • A: Adham Hatem Elgamal is currently ranked No.127 in men’s singles and No.58 in mixed doubles with Doha Hany.

  • Q: How is Egypt preparing for the qualification period for Paris?

  • A: Egypt’s team has prepared well for the qualification period and is ready to compete at the highest level.

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Egypt’s journey at the BWF Sudirman Cup is a testament to their determination and passion for badminton. Despite the challenging group, the team is excited about the opportunity to compete against top teams and gain valuable experience. Adham Hatem Elgamal, Doha Hany, and Nour Ahmed Youssri exemplify the dedication and commitment of Egypt’s players, aiming to perform at their best and prepare for future tournaments. The BWF Sudirman Cup is not only a platform for fierce competition but also an opportunity for players to showcase their skills and represent their country with pride.