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Malaysia Falls Short in the TotalEnergies BWF Sudirman Cup Finals

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The TotalEnergies BWF Sudirman Cup Finals 2023 showcased a thrilling battle between Malaysia and Korea. While Malaysia showed great promise at the start, they ultimately fell short, allowing Korea to advance to the title round with a score of 3-1. Let’s take a closer look at the highlights of the match and the key factors that contributed to Malaysia’s loss.

A Promising Start

In the mixed doubles opener, Malaysia’s Chen Tang Jie and Toh Ee Wei displayed incredible energy and skill, taking the lead against Seo Seung Jae and Chae Yu Jung. This dynamic duo had previously made a breakthrough against Mathias Christiansen and Alexandra BØje, hinting at their potential to succeed against the Korean team. However, as the match progressed, Seo and Chae found their rhythm and capitalized on tactical choices that exposed weaknesses in the Malaysian side. Chen and Toh also struggled with some unsteady play, ultimately leading to a disastrous third game for Malaysia.

The Koreans Take Control

“We were down, but as they are young and inexperienced, they made mistakes and gave us a chance,” said Chae, reflecting on their victory. Chen acknowledged his mistakes and rushed play as contributors to their loss. Despite being familiar with the Korean team’s style from a previous encounter at the German Open, Malaysia struggled to adapt to their opponents’ changing strategies. The speed and confidence displayed by the Koreans proved too much for Malaysia to handle, leading to a loss in the mixed doubles and subsequent singles matches.

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The Unyielding Koreans

World champions Aaron Chia and Soh Wooi Yik were tasked with turning the tide for Malaysia in their match against Kim Won Ho and Na Sung Seung. However, the debutants, Kim and Na, proved to be a formidable opponent. With exceptional defensive skills and well-timed attacks, the Koreans successfully thwarted Malaysia’s attempts to regain control. Chia and Soh fought hard, but the Koreans ultimately emerged victorious with a score of 21-17 21-16.

Post-Match Reflections

Despite the disappointment of the loss, the Malaysian team remained optimistic. Kim Won Ho expressed his gratitude for the opportunity and hoped to make the most of it. An Se Young, who won her match, shared her happiness in contributing to the team’s success. Letshanna Karupathevan acknowledged areas for improvement but was confident that these matches would boost her confidence for future tournaments. Aaron Chia reflected on their overall performance, acknowledging the highs and lows of the competition, and expressed a desire for continued improvement.


Q: What was the final score of the Malaysia vs. Korea match in the TotalEnergies BWF Sudirman Cup Finals 2023?
A: The final score was 3-1 in favor of Korea.

Q: Who were the standout players from the Malaysian team?
A: Chen Tang Jie and Toh Ee Wei showed great promise in the mixed doubles match.

Q: How did Malaysia’s loss impact their chances in the tournament?
A: Malaysia’s loss meant that they were unable to advance to the title round of the TotalEnergies BWF Sudirman Cup Finals 2023.

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Q: What were some of the factors that contributed to Malaysia’s loss?
A: Some of the factors included unsteady play, difficulties adapting to the Korean team’s strategies, and the exceptional performance of the Korean debutants.


Despite their initial success, Malaysia fell short in the TotalEnergies BWF Sudirman Cup Finals 2023. The Koreans displayed exceptional skills and tactical choices that ultimately led to their victory. Malaysia’s team, however, remains determined to improve and learn from this experience. The TotalEnergies BWF Sudirman Cup Finals 2023 will undoubtedly serve as a valuable stepping stone for future competitions. For more information and updates on badminton events, visit Carnegiecentre.