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China Dominates TOTAL BWF Sudirman Cup 2019 Quarterfinals

China showcased their prowess in badminton as they secured a resounding victory against Denmark in the quarterfinals of the TOTAL BWF Sudirman Cup 2019. Hosted in Nanning, China, the home team’s young talent displayed exceptional skills, leaving their Danish opponents in the dust.

A Decisive Path to the Semifinals

China’s path to the semifinals was clear as they won the mixed doubles, men’s doubles, and women’s singles matches. Chen Yufei put up a strong fight against Mia Blichfeldt in the women’s singles, ultimately emerging victorious. This impressive achievement earned China a spot in the highly anticipated Sunday finale against Thailand.

Axelsen’s Impressive Performance

In an otherwise dominant display by the hosts, Viktor Axelsen of Denmark put up a commendable performance against Chen Long. Axelsen’s hour-long match saw him outpace the Danish top seed, securing a convincing victory with a score of 21-11 21-18.

Exceptional Mixed Doubles Performance

The quarterfinal tie began with a thrilling mixed doubles match between Zheng Siwei and Huang Yaqiong of China and Mathias Christiansen and Sara Thygesen of Denmark. Despite an unexpected first-game loss, the Chinese duo quickly recalibrated their strategy and bounced back. With clinical precision, they won the next two games, shining a light on their unbeatable skills.

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Triumph in Men’s Doubles and Women’s Singles

China continued their dominance in the men’s doubles, with Li Junhui and Liu Yuchen delivering an impressive performance against Kim Astrup and Anders Skaarup Rasmussen. The Chinese pair controlled the game and emerged victorious with a score of 21-18 21-16. Following suit, Chen Yufei showcased her talent in the women’s singles match, defeating Blichfeldt with a score of 21-16 21-17. In both matches, China’s players displayed remarkable composure and focus, ensuring their opponents had no chance of a comeback.

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Quote of the Session

Chen Yufei expressed her excitement and determination after securing the decisive point for her team: “I was upset when we lost the Sudirman Cup two years ago, but today I was excited to win the decisive point for my team. We are a big team. We encourage each other and fight together. My teammates trusted me to win the match.” She also mentioned her maturity and consistency since the last Sudirman Cup and acknowledged the tough competition from Thailand in the upcoming semifinals.


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China’s impressive performance in the TOTAL BWF Sudirman Cup 2019 quarterfinals highlights their dominance in the sport of badminton. With a strong lineup of talented players and a resilient team spirit, China is on the path to securing a place in the tournament’s finale. Stay tuned as the action continues to unfold.

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Chen Yufei sealed China's quarterfinal victory