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Nour Ahmed Youssri: The Rising Star in Badminton

Nour Ahmed Youssri, an 18-year-old ambitious athlete, has been making waves in the world of badminton. As the newly-crowned African champion, Youssri is excited about her future prospects in the sport. She had her first taste of top-level action during the European leg of the TotalEnergies BWF Sudirman Cup and the TotalEnergies BWF Uber Cup last year. After winning a match in the Uber Cup, Youssri is eager to participate in the upcoming TotalEnergies BWF Thomas and Uber Cup Finals 2022 in Bangkok.

In an interview, Youssri talks about her journey so far and her ambitions in the sport. Let’s delve into her inspiring story.

What It Means to be Crowned African Champion

Being crowned the African champion was a moment of disbelief and joy for Youssri. As her first senior title, she didn’t expect such an incredible achievement. While facing off against Doha Hany in the women’s singles final, Youssri focused on each match, with her coach Abdelrahman Kashkal providing valuable support. Despite the challenges, Youssri’s determination prevailed, leading to her ultimate victory.

The Unforgettable Experiences of the Sudirman Cup and Uber Cup

Participating in both the Sudirman Cup and the Uber Cup last year was a dream come true for Youssri. She vividly recalls feeling like she was living in a fantasy while competing against top players. The experience of playing alongside professional athletes left a lasting impression on her. Youssri’s fierce spirit and dedication were fueled during these tournaments, motivating her to work hard and reach new heights in her career.

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Pursuing Badminton in Egypt and Beyond

Although badminton is not yet a major sport in Egypt, Youssri’s passion for the game drove her to pursue it relentlessly. She aims to make badminton famous in Egypt and Africa through her achievements. By garnering attention and support, Youssri hopes to inspire more people to join the sport, leading to the establishment of more clubs, leagues, and tournaments. She envisions a future where Egypt produces talented badminton players and becomes a powerhouse in the sport.

Ambitions and Goals

In the immediate future, Youssri plans to play in numerous tournaments in Europe and train with Asian players to gain invaluable experience. Her ultimate goal is to win an Olympic medal, starting with Africa, followed by European and Asian tournaments. While she aims to qualify for the Paris 2024 Olympics, her long-term goal is to shine at the Los Angeles 2028 Olympics. Youssri draws inspiration from Carolina Marin, who successfully made badminton famous in Spain through hard work and training with Asian players.

Role Models and Support

In Egypt, Youssri looks up to her coach, Abderrahman Kashkal, and Capt. Hadia Hosny for their unwavering support. Their guidance has been instrumental in her journey as a badminton athlete.

Follow Egypt’s progress in the Uber Cup as they face tough competition from Thailand, Denmark, and Malaysia in Group C. The TotalEnergies BWF Thomas and Uber Cup Finals will take place in Bangkok from 8th to 15th May 2022.

If you’re interested in the world of badminton, be sure to stay updated with Nour Ahmed Youssri’s promising career.

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