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News | BWF Thomas & Uber Cup Finals

News | BWF Thomas & Uber Cup Finals

The Thomas Cup is a prestigious badminton event that attracts top players from around the world. In the last edition, Denmark’s Anders Antonsen faced off against Jonatan Christie of Indonesia in an intense match that captivated fans. Despite Denmark’s favoritism, Indonesia emerged victorious after a grueling 100-minute battle.

Now, just over six months later, Antonsen and the Danish team have another opportunity to claim the title. Antonsen will once again be responsible for securing the crucial second singles point. As he reflects on the upcoming competition, Antonsen shares his thoughts on his previous match against Christie and his personal growth as a player.

The Thrilling Semifinal Match

The second singles was pivotal in the Indonesia vs Denmark semifinal last year.

Antonsen acknowledges the significance of the Thomas Cup and expresses his excitement about representing his country once again. When discussing the previous edition of the tournament, which took place on Danish soil, Antonsen admits that falling short of the title was a disappointment. However, he takes solace in the fact that he and his team gave their all and left everything on the court. Antonsen is determined to make the most of this second chance, even though it comes sooner than expected.

Antonsen’s match against Jonatan Christie was a highlight of the previous Thomas Cup. Looking back, Antonsen admits that winning that match would have been a career-defining moment, especially since it was played in his hometown. Although the loss still lingers in his mind, he is eager for a rematch and determined to prove himself. Antonsen’s competitive spirit drives him to seek redemption and overcome any lingering doubts.

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A Journey of Growth

Axelsen and Antonsen lend Denmark solidity in singles.

Since the previous Thomas Cup, Antonsen has experienced ups and downs in his career. While he acknowledges that it has been a challenging period, he remains optimistic and determined to achieve his goals. Antonsen recognizes the areas in which he needs to improve, primarily his physicality. He has been working tirelessly to strengthen his physique and become a more well-rounded player. At the age of 25, Antonsen feels that he is entering a new phase of his career and is excited about the potential for growth and improvement.

Antonsen also acknowledges the progress made by his compatriot Viktor Axelsen, who he faced in the final of the HSBC BWF World Tour Finals. Antonsen believes that Axelsen has evolved as a player and continues to strive for excellence. As for himself, Antonsen recognizes his tactical and technical skills but emphasizes the importance of physical development in taking his game to the next level. He believes that he has made significant improvements and is ready to showcase his maturity and dedication on the court.


Q: What is the Thomas Cup?
A: The Thomas Cup is a prestigious badminton tournament that brings together top players from different countries to compete for the title.

Q: When was the last Thomas Cup held?
A: The previous edition of the Thomas Cup took place just over six months ago.

Q: Who is Anders Antonsen?
A: Anders Antonsen is a Danish badminton player who represents his country in international competitions.

Q: What happened in Antonsen’s match against Jonatan Christie?
A: Antonsen lost the match against Christie, which was a pivotal moment in the semifinals of the last Thomas Cup.

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Q: How has Antonsen evolved as a player?
A: Antonsen has focused on improving his physicality and believes that he has become a more well-rounded and mature player.


As the anticipation builds for the upcoming Thomas Cup, Anders Antonsen is eager to make the most of his second opportunity to secure the title for Denmark. Reflecting on his previous match against Jonatan Christie and his own growth as a player, Antonsen is determined to leave his mark on the tournament. With his improved physicality and unwavering dedication, Antonsen is ready to face any challenge and prove himself on the court. The Thomas Cup promises to be an exciting event filled with world-class badminton, and Antonsen is determined to make his presence felt.