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News | BWF Thomas & Uber Cup Finals

A young badminton talent, Christo Popov, showcased his determination and resilience at the France-Denmark tie in the Thomas Cup Group B. Despite suffering from cramps in his previous match, Popov returned to the court for his doubles match and managed to take a game off the Chinese pair Liu Yu Chen and Ou Xuan Yi. While he didn’t perform as well in his singles match against Anders Antonsen, Popov attributed it to his struggles in adapting to the court conditions rather than the exhaustion from his previous matches.

Impressive Performance for a Young Player

Anders Antonsen, who defeated Popov in their singles match, commended the Frenchman’s strength and resilience, stating that playing two matches back-to-back is incredibly challenging but Popov handled it remarkably well. Viktor Axelsen, another Danish player, also recognized the effort put in by both competitors in the face of physically demanding conditions.

Quick Recovery and Physical Fitness

Popov, despite experiencing muscle pain, managed to recover and perform well in his matches. He credited his physical training and the support of his physiotherapist for his ability to bounce back quickly. Popov acknowledged that this level of performance is not sustainable every week but emphasized the importance of physical preparation and being in good shape.

Adjusting to Court Conditions

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Popov explained that his defeat in the singles match was due to his struggle in adapting to the change in the direction of the drift. He admitted to feeling slightly off in the atmosphere but expressed frustration at not being able to bring his best performance. He recognized Antonsen’s superior ability to adapt and attributed his loss to a lack of experience in such situations.


  • Denmark dominated their match against France in Group B, securing a clean sweep victory. Although Christo Popov and Toma Junior had opportunities to win a game, Kim Astrup and Anders Skaarup Rasmussen sealed the victory for Denmark.

  • In the same group, China displayed efficiency in their 5-0 win against Algeria, with strong performances from Zhao Jun Peng, Li Shi Feng, Weng Hong Yang, Ren Xiang Yu, Tan Qiang, Liu Yu Chen, and Ou Xuan Yi.

  • Japan proved to be a dominant force against England in Group D, with Kento Momota leading the way with a decisive victory over Toby Penty.


Q: How did Popov perform in his matches?
A: Despite facing challenges, Popov showcased impressive determination and resilience in his matches, especially considering his youth.

Q: How did Denmark fare in their match against France?
A: Denmark put on an exceptional performance, securing a clean sweep victory over France in Group B.

Q: How did China perform in their match against Algeria?
A: China displayed efficiency and skill in their 5-0 win against Algeria in Group B.

Q: How did Japan perform against England?
A: Japan had a dominant overall performance against England in Group D, with Kento Momota leading the way with a convincing victory.

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Christo Popov’s performance at the France-Denmark tie showcased his potential and resilience as a young badminton player. Despite facing physical challenges, Popov fought hard and managed to leave a mark on the court. Denmark’s impressive display against France and China’s efficient victory over Algeria reflect the high level of competition at the BWF Thomas & Uber Cup Finals. Japan also demonstrated their dominance in their match against England. These matches highlight the skill and determination of the players participating in this prestigious tournament.

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